Michael Jackson Wants To Work With Eminem

The New York Daily News reports that even though Eminem took several shots at in the video ‘Just Lose It’, the King of Pop has reached out to the rapper to do a collaboration. Guy Holmes, who manages Jacko’s record company, told designer Andre Van Pier that the Jackson hasn’t heard back from Slim.

Is Jackson Paris Bound?

July 1, 2006 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Friday night, “According to the New York Post, announced he may be moving to Paris. Well, you thought the French hated us before. Oh, man.”

To Likely Settle In Paris

June 29, 2006 – Roger Friedman of FoxNews.com reports Michael is likely going to settle in Paris, France if he can find the money to buy a suitable home. “He wants to be in a place where people can meet with him easily,” a source explained. “Bahrain was not that place.” Read more.

Michael Jackson’s New Lawyer Is Up For The Challenge

June 28, 2006 – Michael’s new lawyer L. Londell McMillan tells The New York Daily News that handling the singer, who has gone through many advisers, “could be challenging, but I look forward to the challenge. Michael needs to restructure his creative and business assets, so he can be as magical as he always has been. He’s a musical genius who needs a competent and caring advocate.”

Michael Jackson Moving To Europe To Resume Career

June 28, 2006 – Reuters reports a spokeswoman for Michael said on Tuesday that the 47-year-old pop star was shopping for a home in Europe to reignite a musical career, but had not finalized his plans. “He’s just decided that with all of the projects he’s going to be involved with and all of the people he’s beginning to work with in the music industry, it’s easier (to live in Europe),” spokeswoman Raymone Bain said. “He’ll be going back and forth to Bahrain but Europe will be his principal residence.”

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One thought on “Michael Jackson Wants To Work With Eminem

  1. ROBERT MRVELJ says:

    I think it would awsome and exciting if Eminem collabrated with MJ i do not hate Eminem for the just lose it song i can forgive him i have said things about him before i gave his music a chance it was amazing MJ and Eminem collabrating would be like big i hope many of you could forgive Eminem
    for what he did once and be okay if he collabrated with MJ if MJ was sure about it then it shouldnt be so wrong as for unreleased music maybe MJ felt insecure of the music be able to be as successfull as like invincible for example i do not know for sure but i think its possible but we wouldnt need to push music away if it isnt perfect as long as he did his best it would be all i would asked for would be the same with Eminem not ask more than he trying make music to the best of his abillity call me a satanist im a hypocryte and im a freak i like LUCIFER (satan) a little and still believing in GOD even if im not the best christian as for MJ the sales of his music would be either because illuminati try make fans not buy more or if MJ wanted the fans to not buy the albums so illuminati wouldnt have anything to gain from him i would understand that he dosent want to feel used up like a toy illuminati would try throw him out and leaving him to die if it
    werent for the evil actions of illuminati MJ would have been alive and even lived without pain if illuminati made so that MJ would get fire on his hair (pepsi commercial incident in 1984) that wasnt pretty i had to say it was amazing MJ still did great music despite struggling with pain more or less
    and i was amazed that MJ never shouted at his good for nothing father
    and MJ never screamed in anger when he was in pain i would have screamed if i felt pain close to hellfire i do never intend to hurt MJ or insult him not GOD and not his son JESUS either and i dont hate LUCIFER i think LUCIFER shouldnt have been kicked while he was down and i would think that MJ could understand how LUCIFER felt when felt hellfire and feeling lucky he could go to heaven even JESUS understanding LUCIFER
    i think that everything could have gotten much better if LUCIFER and the other fallen angels got a last chance to be free live on earth forever at least and be free from pain evil can be born from pain, anger, hatred, anxiety, sorrow and other feelings and emotions if evil would stop LUCIFER and his fellow angels would need to be free from pain and be asked of to not commit evil actions other than that its all okay even if LUCIFER wouldnt respect GOD things should be okay i think GOD is lucky if LUCIFER hasnt done worse yet and the fact that LUCIFER would hold grudge because of everything he had to go and struggle through i would hardly hold in my anger if i was LUCIFER GOD has made a big mistake once but i hope he can get over his stubborness and let LUCIFER have a last chance i think he owes LUCIFER that to let him have chance to start a new life become like reborn pain and hatred is things that is dangerous MJ has been able to hold in everything but i do not think LUCIFER could have as long as felt the pain pushing him i do wish for LUCIFER and the others to be free from the suffering and from hell it would be quite a coincedence if MJ would been the archangel Michael in human form if LUCIFER wanted to give him pain saying it was payback and letting him see how it felt like soemtimes even Eminems song love the way you lie would point about it and few other songs and anyone can do a mistake but you can learn from mistake i think GOD would want you to learn from mistakes in life even LUCIFER testing you if he had changed from the evildoer he became before sometimes i would think that Eminem was actually LUCIFER in human form with memories erased of past life and lets say if like he being addicted to drugs and his behaviour when he was little younger and then the song he relaesed named Not Afraid would almost be way to describe with lyrics :im not afraid to take a stand its been a ride everybody i guess i had to go to that place to get to this point but some of you might still be in that place trying to get out lets follow me im not afraid im not afraid to take a stand everybdoy come take my hand well walk this world together through the stomr look at the weather calm the war then you know it youre not alone if you feel like youve been down the same road i just cant keep living this way so starting today im breaking out of this cage it was my decision to get clean i did it for me admittley i did it subliminally so i could come back a brand new me you seen me through i took most of the song was here i tried to point out how it feel like LUCIFER would struggle with himself and sometimes trying to recover or break free or break out of a cage kind of he was in when he couldnt help it when he commited evil actions and about that i do not think LUCIFER helps illuminati out anymore since illuminati was vulnerable right now and that MJ have been able to exspose them i do not blame LUCIFER for illuminatis evil actions and i illuminati was originally created to protect people not to hurt people and want power i would say LUCIFER would feel dissapointed in them and even angry and it would be funny if GOD asked LUCIFER to convince illuminati to stop before they would go too far and reach point of no return meaning GOD and even LUCIFER having to take action against illuminati i would hope illuminati dosent win thats all i had to say bye GOD BLESS YOU AND MAY LUCIFER BLESS YOU TOO.

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