Michael Jackson Was Terrified Debbie Rowe Would Get The Kids

Diana Ross revealed details of the deal she struck with to keep the late pop star’s children away from ex-wife Debbie Rowe. “I promised Michael I’d never allow that woman – we didn’t mention her name – to get to his babies,” the 65-year-old singer told a close friend, according to News of the World. “Michael was terrified she’d end up with their children should anything happen to him. He begged me not to let her get them. That was his worst nightmare. We discussed him putting me as the children’s guardian in his will but I didn’t know he’d actually gone through with it. I was shocked he’d made it official.”

The British tabloid also obtained photos of Rowe acting like a loving mother in 1998, which could damage hopes for Michael’s mother Katherine from getting permanent custody of the children. “It was obvious that Debbie loved her children and there was a strong connection between them,” the photographer said. “It looked like she was treasuring every second, laughing, kissing and playing with them for about two hours. Michael didn’t spend much time talking to Debbie during the meeting – but he was happy to watch her with the children. It was his idea to do the photos. He was already thinking ahead. He wanted the pictures so he could show the children when they were older, so they’d know who their mother is.”

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