Michael Jackson Wasn’t Talkative To Lawyer

The New York Post reports Michael Jackson’s former co-counsel Ben Brafman confided to a friend just a couple of days ago how he would be flown out to Los Angeles first-class and put up in a suite at the Beverly Hills Hotel to have just a 20-minute meeting with Jackson, who would sit quietly and barely say a word about the child-molesting charges against him. “ shows less concern and interest in his case than any client I’ve ever had,” Brafman told a friend. Jackson claimed he fired Brafman and Mark Geragos because they weren’t paying his case enough attention.

Jermaine Jackson Surprised By Michael’s Lawyer Switch

April 27, 2004 – Jermaine Jackson discussed the recent dismissal of Michael Jackson’s attorneys on MSNBC’s ‘The Abrams Report’. Jermaine read a statement insisting he had nothing to do with the legal move, since he’s been away in the Middle East. Jermaine told Dan Abrams he’s still behind his brother 1000% and will continue to support him but was disappointed and surprised with the lawyer switch. Jermaine said he hadn’t spoke with his brother since just before he left for the Middle East, and didn’t discuss the case.

Jackson’s New Legal Strategy

April 27, 2004 – Craig Kilborn joked during his Late Late Show ‘In The News’ segment on Monday night, “Our top story, in ‘barely legal’ news, less than a week before he’ll be arraigned on charges of child molestation, has fired his old legal team and hired a new one. Jackson’s new lawyers will argue that after so much plastic surgery, the man on trial is no longer the same man who was accused of the crime. Meanwhile, Michael Jackson has been working hard on his next project called ’40 Going on 14′.”

Jacko Needs To Do More Firing

April 27, 2004 – David Letterman joked during his Late Show monologue on Monday night, “More odd news on Michael Jackson, apparently his attorneys have quit. Here’s what it was, it was a mix-up, they were under the impression they were defending Diana Ross. At first I had thought the attorneys had fired and I said, ‘My gosh, if you are going to fire somebody, fire your plastic surgeon!'”

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