Michael Jackson Won’t Sell His Pinocchio Doll

Michael Jackson 'Anthology'

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue Thursday night, “Some of ’s personal possessions will be auctioned off in Las Vegas at the end of this month. One thing they won’t be parting with, though, his by Pinocchio doll. You know about this. Michael will not sell his Pinocchio doll. You know, on the off-chance that one day it might become a a real, live boy.”

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3 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Won’t Sell His Pinocchio Doll

  1. jackson tom says:

    I want to buy that toy please

  2. seana george says:

    Stupid people talking about Michael Jackson you bastard your mama female dogs ass only haters talking all up in his grill

  3. Roger Welborn says:

    We have the same Pinocchio for sale. We were in the movie business and only 200 were made for distributors. It has been in a glass display case since day one. Most were given to favorite children and are destroyed or damaged. Ours is PERFECT and registered number 61 on the brass tag. Probably the best as new in existence! Must sell due to financial reasons. Best reasonable offer will be the proud owner. Roger

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