Michael Jackson’s Brother Thinks He’s Guilty

According to The National Enquirer, Jermaine Jackson shared with a close source that his family believes is guilty of molesting little boys. “Jermaine told me he thinks Michael is guilty of molesting this latest boy he’s on trial for as well as others,” said the close source, who passed a polygraph examination regarding his revelations. “And Jermaine said he isn’t the only family member who thinks Michael’s guilty–the majority of Jacksons do.”

La Toya Claims Jacko Didn’t Invent The Moonwalk

October 19, 2004 – Michael Jackson’s older sister claims that a dancer from ‘Soul Train’ taught Michael his signature dance move, the moonwalk. “I don’t know if you had this show called the ‘Soul Train’,” La Toya told British television host Frank Skinner over the weekend. “There was this dancer Geoffrey, who was always doing the Moonwalk on that show. He taught Michael how to do it.” Read more.

Source Owners & Join Forces Against Eminem

October 19, 2004 – The New York Post reports Michael is joining forces with Source magazine owners David Mays and Ray Benzino after Eminem made fun of Jacko in his ‘Just Lose It’ video. A press conference on Thursday by the three will “urge the hip-hop community to stand by [Jackson],” according to a rep for Source. Jackson is also expected to “speak about Eminem’s video which he will deem racist and dangerous to the black community and thank the Source for calling out Eminem,” the rep added. The Source is also putting Jackson on the cover of its next issue.

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8 thoughts on “Michael Jackson’s Brother Thinks He’s Guilty

  1. AliciaMoore says:

    Getting Benzino to talk crap about Eminem is like shooting fish in a barrel. Its people who call this video racist for their own personal vendettas that are making a mockery of the serious issue of real racism in America. They should be ashamed. The video and song are just not good… but racist? Malicious? Come on!

  2. cindor77 says:

    Benzino and Michelle need to stop. First of all, when Michelle was queen of pop, he would not spend one second of then day with someone like Benzino. All of a sudden, because he don’t have the fan base he used to, he wants to buck heads with this asshole against Em. I am a black female and I like Em. I saw the video and I saw nothing racist about it. It was pure comedy. Sorry Michelle, your nose is going to fall off one day. Get the hell over it, and Benzino get a new rap career, because as you can see nobody screws with you.

  3. YeahWhat says:

    Whoever follows the source is a mindless idiot. I understand Michael Jackson being upset, but to follow the source and say that the video is racist and dangerous to the black community? So then they should try to cancel all the shows that also make fun of Michael Jackson. Even on BET, the show Comic View has a bunch of comedians who badmouth and imitate Michael, so why not ban Comic view as well? Ray Benzino is a huge nobody who is desperately trying to get attention by constantly using Eminem. Get famous the old fashioned way…WORK HARD at your craft.

  4. spotty says:

    I agree with Alicia Moore. This is making a mockery over the real issue of racism. Although I think Eminem is nothing but this generations version of Weird Al Yankovic, the video is not racist. Funny how it’s okay for Em to make fun of all the white people he wants but the minute he makes fun of a black person, it’s racist.

  5. carlsson says:

    I agree with everything everyone has said. when I read this, I actually started laughing. it’s just so predictable that MJ would team up with The Source for race allegations against Em. I too am a black female, and I saw nothing racist at all about that video. this whole situation is just ridiculous. especially since I’ve seen BET, MTV, and VH1 air videos much worse than that one. ‘The Source is also putting Jackson on the cover of its next issue.’ – and what the hell is that? a few days ago, MJ probably couldn’t have paid The Source to put him on the cover of their magazine. please. this Em is racist crap didn’t work the first time Benzino tried it, and it’s not gonna work this time.

  6. clayfan says:

    Michael Jackson is what is “dangerous” to the black community!!’, ‘What a whiny brat Michael is. He is a danger to the black community for bleaching himself white, for wearing a wig of straight hair instead of his own nappy ‘fro, and for purchasing three white children to call his own. He has become a laughingstock. He can’t write a decent song or sell a record any longer, and he’s embroiled in a serious child molestation felony case, and he brings in The Source to point the finger at Eminem, who has full artistic license to parody anyone he wants? MJ is jealous of Em’s huge success. Someone please put MJ in jail and let’s be done with him. The Source is putting Jackson on the cover of the magazine? What a joke. (Who was pictured on the cover of Jackson’s last CD? It sure wasn’t the surgically horrific face of Jackson himself…)

  7. jazzprofounder says:

    I am a black female as well…and I find it so ridiculous that some people have to quickly accuse a white man for being racist all because he was imitating a black man. That is not racism, there is more to racism than just acting like a black guy and mocking him. What Eminem did was pure comedy and criticism, and he didn’t do anything but dress like the man. I don’t know why people these days have to make the most innocent things into a racist issue.

  8. ken says:

    come on guys let michael rest in peace. as far as his brothers coments he should be horse whiped family should protect each other not slander each other.

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