Michael Jackson’s Dad To Publish Tell-All Book

Roger Friedman of FoxNews.com reports Michael Jackson’s father Joe is releasing a tell-all book ‘The Jacksons: The Golden Truth About the Jackson Family’ in Germany next week. The book is published by Random House Entertainment and Jackson senior is set to go on a big book-signing promotional tour that will eventually take him to the Frankfurt Book Festival in late September. There’s no word yet if the book will be released in America. Read more.

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2 thoughts on “Michael Jackson’s Dad To Publish Tell-All Book

  1. seismic_retrofit says:

    No one would buy a “tell-all” from Joseph Jackson. I know three people going to the Frankfurt Book Fair. I will ask them to check out Joseph’s signing and let me know how few people want this old coot’s autograph. Anything for money, Mr. Jackson…right? He is still selling out his kids for money. Best of luck with the few royalties you’ll received after suckering Random House out of a paltry signing advance.

  2. sugarpiehoney13 says:

    yuck keep Jackson story to themselves I’m sick of being told how nice sweet gentle they are. On flip side I’m sick of people calling them wacko crazy weird. Leave the Jackson alone let them live there lives .people should beat it

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