Michael Jackson’s Doctor Discusses Diprivan, Lupus & Vitiligo

Michael Jackson’s long-time dermatologist Dr. Arnie Klein visited ‘Larry King Live’ on Wednesday evening (July 8), revealing that the singer said that he was at one time using Diprivan to sleep at night. Klein also discussed the possibility of he was the father of Michael’s children and the pop star suffering from lupus and vitiligo.

“He was very proud of his black heritage,” Klein said when asked if Jackson was desirous of being white. “He changed the world for black people. We now have a black president.” As for why Jackson evened out his blotched skin by lightening instead of darkening it, Klein responded, “Well, yes, that’s ultimately what the decision had to be, because there was too much vitiligo to deal with and you can’t – he would have to wear heavy, heavy makeup on stage, which would be ridiculous. And he couldn’t really go out in public without looking terribly peculiar.”

Highlights from the interview at Turner.com have since been removed.

CNN: Michael Jackson’s Body Had Numerous Track Marks, Was Lily White & Bald

July 9, 2009 – CNN’s Randi Kaye reported on the investigation into the cause of Michael’s death. Kaye heard from a source that the King of Pop had numerous track marks on his arms and numerous bottles of prescription medication where found at the home he was renting, described as “dangerous drugs”. The source added that Jackson was “lily white from head to toe” and that “his scalp was bald”. Video of the segment at Turner.com has since been removed.

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3 thoughts on “Michael Jackson’s Doctor Discusses Diprivan, Lupus & Vitiligo

  1. Jennifer Harden says:

    I understand all this.. I think what is more important than talking about these things is the fact that he had lupus and viligo. I think these things should be more addressed so that people become aware that he was not changing on purpose. we need more balanced news. news that will tell the truth. honesty.. I mean really do we really know for sure that he had Diprivan? we don’t. why speculate to the point that people think it is a known fact. you heard this out of hear say from someone After the nurse came forward. nothing was mentioned about Diprivan until after that nurse came forward and now everything and everyone is talking about it. there is no way to know that that is exactly what he was taking for sure it has not been determined in anyway. he was in pain. he had lupus. he may have had pain killer. and steroids.. this is treatment for Lupus. I think more importantly this should be shown more on television to help people understand that if he was taking anything for pain or such that he was taking it because of the lupus. be fair. Good reporting please.

  2. Camila says:

    my girlfriend has Vitiligo. I think UV treatment and also some topical agents as well pills that increase melanin are working for her.

  3. Michael says:

    UV treatment seems to work well on Vitiligo. I think no one has ever found a permanent cure for this disease.

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