Michael Jackson’s Doubts About Tohme Tohme

In a never-before-heard recording, said he had doubts about one of one of his closest advisers, Tohme Tohme. Watch a report from NBC’s Jeff Rossen, aired Monday (August 24) on the ‘Today’ show, below.

Michael Jackson Coffee Art

August 24, 2009 – Latte artist, Soren Stiller Markussen creates portraits of some of the worlds most talked about faces, from Michael to US President Barack Obama. The coffee creations are to go on special exhibit at Pallant House Gallery in Chichester, England. Watch a report from t5m below.

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6 thoughts on “Michael Jackson’s Doubts About Tohme Tohme

  1. darkangel says:

    This guy seems creepy. And it is really strange that Jermaine recommended him. And I do not understand the confusion about him representing Michael. Either he was or he wasn’t.

  2. rose mcilhone says:

    Hello Michael Jackson has admitted on tape he was afraid of this guy and he sent a letter out firing him so why was he allowed to say on live TV (after Michael’s death) that he was still representing Michael Jackson’s estate? it just makes you wonder exactly how Michael was turning his life around as one minute he is fit and healthy and announcing a come back then next he has been declared dead through a homicide,,,the mind does go overdrive on that….as its so mysterious and hopefully one that will be solved in time ????

  3. Karyn M Omaha, Ne says:

    God bless Michael’s children. I pray daily that I can b a parent with as much love for my kids as MJ had. Much respect. When he announced concerts, I saw a new man. Michael was finally reaching some peace in his life, but I could c in his face, he didn’t want to do so many gigs. I had a dream about him a week after he died. It was disturbing & so real. Michael was fighting outside demons this time around. He knew it for awhile & was finally trying to eliminate those people on his own. But, it was too late. Evil money hungry people. Unfortunately, family couldn’t get past them. Michael finally, I believe, had inner peace with his dad, his family. That is who he cried out 4, but evil-doers kept him brainwashed & secluded. It’s sickening & sad. I look up. Michael is dancing the moonwalk with someone who has loved him all this time, unconditionally. But, his children are crying. God is the judge. He will take care of what needs to be done on this earth, with Michael at His side. Michael will see justice done!

  4. Sherri says:

    Thome, Sony, AEG, Randy Phillips, and more were all involved in MJ’s demise. Dr. Murray is just a pawn…a scape goat. He will be blamed, but he is the low-man on the totem pole.

  5. tina says:

    I hope they check this guy out. He was related to Randy Phillips, his brother in law from years ago. An employee heard a heated argument the night Michael died with MJ saying he didn’t want to do the concerts. Next day he is dead. There has even been reports that Tohme Tohme was at the house the night Michael died. Why would he be if he had been fired. I hope Michael Jackson gets justice he deserves but I think Murray will do very little if any time and the rest of these murderers will profit off of MJ’s death. He had been afraid for life and for good reason.

  6. Pretty Young Smelly Thing says:

    I’m so heartbroken about the whole situation going on around Mike…throughout the years….Michael was very intelligent and clever….but there were too many bad people around him and too much money….I can’t imagine being in Michael’s shoes-one needs to be very strong to handle this evil going on…and Mike was strong, VERY STRONG….but there was too much, how much one can take?

    I’m so helpless about it all… God I miss and don’t understand what happened to Mike….:(

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