Michael Jackson’s French Girlfriend Speaks

Michael Jackson 'Beat It' UK

Entertainment Tonight spoke with 21-year-old Joanna Thomae, who tabloids have romantically linked recently to Michael Jackson. The French beauty tells Jann Carl: “We have a special relationship. He really cares for me and I really care for him.” She added, “We were close. We kissed each other, but the rest is private.”

‘The Little Groom’ Premiere Startles Leno

February 19, 2004 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Wednesday night, “The other night on Fox was the premiere of the show ‘The Little Groom.’ I have to admit, when I first heard the title I thought: ‘Oh my God. married some kid’.”

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6 thoughts on “Michael Jackson’s French Girlfriend Speaks

  1. mjisawsome says:

    Go Michael!

  2. viv says:

    I wonder if MJ had married her if he’d still be alive today.

  3. EveClayton says:

    I’m reading some places where they say yes he did date her and no he didn’t. Seriously, there are so many people saying so much to get fame and cash etc. I believe if someone did have a relationship with MJ that they wouldn’t say anything because it would have been one of his wishes. And I think they would have respected him. There are things that you talk about in a relationship and some things you definitely leave privately and that if you wanna go public, you should speak to the other half first. MJ needed someone to love him and take care of him, there was someone out there for him, for some reason they didn’t meet, but I wished that he had experienced being loved for him and not for the King Of Pop.

  4. monik says:

    Well the most recent photos and film with Michael and a girl is since July 2008 in Canada. you can find this on YouTube and that girl is not Joanna. That story is old.

  5. monik says:

    I think that is the real MJ girlfriend because she didn’t appear on media to talk about him and she didn’t put their photos all around the internet like that Joanna Thomae. You find on YouTube ~maybe Michael Jackson with girlfriend~

  6. Jamie says:

    Anyone know if Mj had any french girl friend back in the 1980’s?
    Please lemme know. :)

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