Michael Jackson’s Ghost At Neverland?

fans are convinced video from inside his Neverland Ranch during a CNN broadcast shows the singer’s ghost. Watch the shadowy figure via YouTube below.

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2 thoughts on “Michael Jackson’s Ghost At Neverland?

  1. oi says:

    it’s real

  2. Vanna Rocha says:

    I believe that Michael Jackson was in his house in Neverland where he lived 18 years. I believe it is his ghost as they call it.( I call it astral body ) He loved his home and was very attached to his house and his worldly gains. Also Michael was not and spiritual person and I believe never study spirituality. >> When people die so suddenly like Michael Jackson, his astral body or subtle body is very dense; material is even so much more dense. So it will take some time for him to realize he is in another dimension and be rescued by evolved souls to take him to a higher dimension. That takes time because so many dead ones are totally ignorant of the real situation. So mean wile he is going to stay at his home and visit family and friends, wonder around. Did you see the movie ‘The sixth sense’ ? Yes, is almost the same that is happening to Michael now for a wile. Soon his body will be more subtle and he will be able to go away and learn how to live in his new home, a real Neverland place. But he will reincarnate in the future cause he is not a pure soul. In this site you can understand how things work, I study at this fantastic school for 4 years. iacworld.org/ I also study Buddhism and Alan Kardek for 10 years , so I believe he came back as Buddhist say after 7 days to visit people and places or he still around and did not leave this dimension yet.

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