Michael Jackson’s Net Worth Currently $350 Million

Brett Pulley of Forbes magazine weighed in on Michael Jackson’s battle against Sony Music that he says has more to do with his own ailing finances and career slump. Surprisingly, Pulley says smart money is that Sony Music chief Tommy Mottola will forgive Jackson’s outburst and re-sign him; both sides have too much at stake. Whatever the case, Fortune estimates Jackson’s net worth to be currently around $350 million.

Schaffel Says Punishing Him Is A Bizarre Thing

July 30, 2002 – Entertainment Tonight spoke with Marc Schaffel to answer claims that the all-star charity song, ‘What More Can I Give,’ that he produced with Michael Jackson, was pulled after Jackson’s camp discovered he once had been a producer of adult films. “It was something in the past,” Schaffel said. “To punish me or punish people who are trying to do something good for society, it’s really a bizarre thing.” As for whether Jackson knew he had ties to the gay porn industry, Schaffel said, “You’d have to ask him personally that question.”

Michael Jackson Says He Didn’t Sign $13 Million Bill

July 30, 2002 – Roger Friedman of FoxNews.com reports Michael’s response to the $13 million lawsuit filed by former business manager Myung-Ho Lee is that he never signed an agreement last September promising that he would pay Lee the money. “I specifically looked at the signature that appears at the end of this document above my typed name. This is not my signature,” Jackson said in court documents. “I did not sign this document and have never seen [it] until a few weeks ago. I would never knowingly sign a document that expressly required me to pay over $13 million to Mr. Lee or anyone else, alone in a room and without review and counsel by one or more of my attorneys.” Read more.

Jacko’s Thoughts Of Suing Sony Could Backfire

July 26, 2002 – A chilling warning for Michael Jackson on HitsDailyDouble.com says, “Michael Jackson’s hiring of heavyweight litigator Marty Singer with thoughts of getting Sony into a courtroom bout could backfire and end up doing his career more harm than good if enough facts were to be “ungloved” during a trial.”

Michael Jackson In Constant Financial Peril

July 26, 2002 – Roger Friedman of FoxNews.com is again reporting on the financial troubles of MJ. Jacko’s latest troubles involve an agreement to pay his former business manager, Myung Ho Lee, $12 million in arrears. Jackson hasn’t paid the $12 million according to Lee and the case is currently in Los Angeles Superior Court. Read more.

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4 thoughts on “Michael Jackson’s Net Worth Currently $350 Million

  1. rob says:

    what would you do with $350 million??

  2. mark says:

    It is a shame that a super star like Jackson can alienate himself from his once millions of fans. such extraordinary talent without a legacy or future. we all understand

  3. JImima Ewers says:

    Could the total cost of Michael Jackson’s facial surgeries and that of many other Celebrities, alive today topple over the poverty in the top ten Poorest countries in this world today namely:
    NIGER, Guinea Bissau, Somalia, Comoros, Ethiopia, Solomon Islands, Central Africa Republic, Zimbabwe & Liberia. Help tell those alive to help eradicate poverty and that Life is not all about one self and how one Look.
    WE all need to find our selves, yes make it our own business to give these poor countries food, clothing and shelter and help to school them and help them to become independent, by. A good education NEVER fails. Wake up call June 25, 2009. We Love you Michael Jackson and no one can take that away from you. Neither can any be compared to you.

    Jimima Ewers

  4. JImima Ewers says:

    Michael Jackson If tears could bring you back to life
    If a good chef would know what meals to cook for you to be that life healthy
    If a genuine woman would love and behold you without the flashing of societies ‘ camera of slanders
    If you had said To God be the glory in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I am healed
    The backbiters jaws would be locked like the bars of the seven seas and
    We would have no tears to shed.

    If tears could bring you back we would filled your land with eye water some would cried, cried less
    If doctors would only have humans at heart,
    Hearts of flesh with love pumping in their veins they would have refused
    To knifed your face like scaling dead fishes for the frying pans
    If greedy medical life takers would just
    Teach you how to survive off laboratory poisons
    If only your life was at the place of escape into God’s care
    No need mark would have pierced your give up heart and
    We would have no tears to shed,: No, not this year, June 2009

    If the pastors had sought to give a word from the Good old bible and say “Michael
    REPENT, for the kingdom of heaven is a hand”
    Today, none would be wondering IF You made it to heaven or hell
    Only time know well
    Michael Jackson earth’s musical GENIUS gifted by God, the
    Giver of Life
    Michael, God made you a warrior like King Solomon
    You had Music and musical creation and a
    Heart for human kind that was made of flesh
    Michael Jackson you were God’s creation
    But now you sleep from the life takers of your every circumstance.

    Neighbours closed their arms from helping you
    Bound up in self and Kingly social life
    Were you swept away and could see the way, to your Creator?
    Herbal medicine, Good food from God’s green Pastures,
    Water from the well of life plus
    A woman with a Christ life heart for your wife
    So many regrets as you sleep on in death.
    No more do you live in hide and cover up from the storms around you
    Children you do bear still life remains seems your nightmare.

    Now we have nothing in our arms of being among you
    But air, air of loss of another life
    A Genius now to go to the dust
    We thank you for your input to shaping our worlds
    Injecting care, values and quality and the inspired drive and zest
    To go on to achieve our dreams, reach our destinations
    For our tears will some how flow
    Knowing many loved you so
    If only as neighbors we take time to care
    Michael Jackson would have been alive right here!

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