Michael Jackson’s ‘Parent’ Alarm

The Sun spoke with Los Angeles child abuse cop Bill Dworin, who led the first child-sex probe a decade ago, and found an alarm installed at the star’s Neverland Ranch that would warn him if anyone approached his bedroom while he was in there sleeping with children. “To me it suggested it was a warning, in case something was occurring that was improper, that the activity would stop,” Dworin said. While the detective had no evidence Jackson had abused children recently, he insisted, “I believe he has a sexual interest in boys.”

Jacko Portrayed Fairly In Bashir Documentary

February 15, 2003 – A slight majority of those that watched the Martin Bashir documentary felt was portrayed fairly — 42.2% of those surveyed. Meanwhile, 41% said he was portrayed unfairly, while 16.8% haven’t seen the documentary yet. If you fall in the latter category, VH1 will re-air the documentary tonight. Our latest poll asks your emotions on word of a possible Spice Girl reunion.

Jacko’s Sleeping Quarters Aren’t A Normal Bedroom

February 15, 2003 – Bryan Michael Stoller, who is co-directing the feature film ‘They Cage the Animals at Night’ with and sees him weekly, maintains that it is incorrect to characterize Jackson’s sleeping quarters as a bedroom. “People are imagining a 15-by-15-sized room,” he tells People magazine. “The words he should have used were his ‘private residence.’ It’s like somebody living in a condo.” Stoller says that Jackson’s two-story quarters are outfitted with a grand piano, arcade games, an 80-inch big-screen TV, a plasma screen and assorted gizmos. Moreover, says Jackson family confidant and attorney Brian Oxman, “what is left out is that the big double door is left open and there are attendants present all the time.”

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