Michael Jackson’s Smoking Gun

Roger Friedman of FoxNews.com reports that an audiotape made by private investigator Brad Miller on or around February 20, 2003, may solve the whole child molestation case against Michael Jackson. On the tape, Miller – working for Jackson defense attorney Mark Geragos – interviews the 13-year-old boy now accusing Jackson of impropriety. Also interviewed are the boy’s brother, sister and mother. Friedman hears that Miller asked them a lot of questions, including whether or not there had been any sexual misconduct. The answers, he’s told, were emphatically “no.” Read more.

Water As Effective As Cough Syrup For Coughs

July 8, 2004 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Wednesday night, “And finally, according to the Pediatric Medical Journal, water works just as well as cough syrup to help children stop coughing. Do you know that? They say water works just as well as cough syrup. However, in rebuttal, pointed out, ‘But can water make the kid drowsy?'”

Terrified Of Jail Time

July 4, 2004 – Globe magazine reports that Michael is “in a terrible state”, according to a source, terrified of going to jail. “Michael sees time in jail as a death sentence,” an insider revealed. “The prospect of serving time with brutal rapists and killers terrifies him. It’s all he thinks about. He can’t sleep properly because of his fears – he just wakes up shaking and sweating.” The source added, “He is convinced he’ll die if he goes to jail. Michael is telling people he’ll never live to see his release or vindication.” Jacko’s rep Raymone Bain denied the claims saying the King of Pop “looks forward to defending himself in court. He belies he will be exonerated.”

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