Michael Jackson’s Son Michael II ‘Blanket’ Unmasked Picture

A rare photo of Michael Jackson’s youngest child Michael II has emerged, showing the 6-year-old, who the pop star claims was conceived with his sperm and a surrogate mother, in a Las Vegas shop with his brother Prince, 11, and sister Paris, 10. ‘Blanket’ does resemble his father as he looks now, though nothing like Michael from the Jackson 5 days. Check it out the image of the three kids at TheSun.co.uk.

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166 thoughts on “Michael Jackson’s Son Michael II ‘Blanket’ Unmasked Picture

  1. A.E. says:

    Don’t They mean STEP-Children??!!

  2. ali says:

    No, thay are his biological children with one woman.. they took his sperm and her eggs thay are HIS children not STEP

  3. Polly says:

    I doubt Michael Jackson used his own sperm. He went to donors egg and sperm and picked what he thought was the best. He would not want black children. His kids are blond and fair skinned. Not black.

  4. ginger says:

    To Polly, you are 100% correct. I don’t know if he would not want black children because his entire family is black but those kids are white. I don’t see even one trace of blackness in these children.

  5. Uraya says:

    Have you NOT ever heard of designer children? Doctors can use the sperm and pick out the rarest qualities of your choice….white skin…blue eyes…..

  6. Lucy says:


  7. rhonda says:

    You people are so stuipd prince Michael and Paris are Debbie rowes kids and there father was a hand picked spremed donor that he picked his self he know the man personally. Now blanket is Michael bio. son a suggorate mother with darker skin than prince Michael and Paris they have blonde hair and blue eyes you can tell mama and father are white when blanket has black hair and brown eye why is it so hard for people to believe it was his sperm people are so dumb have have mixed childern and it is possible. I love Michael always and forever and its dose not matter if the are bio his or not he signed the birth cer. And by law they are JACKSON and these are the faces.

  8. yolanda says:

    idk, Michael Jackson is a BLACK man, who had his skinned surgically lightened. his roots arr still BLACK, his ancestors are BLACK, he was born a hansome BLACK boy from my home town gary. now those kids are white. common sense would tell you if hes black and his past companions were white then that means his children would be bi racial. so if those kids are white then they are not his bi logically. his love for them is what makes them his.and it seem to me that the family and the kids are okay with his parental decisions.

  9. kori says:

    well his kids are half black duh they look white but once you really look at the picture you can tell

  10. hardhead says:

    i do not know what kori is seeing but those kids are all white if they were mikes bio there hair would be a little curly mike thought he was ugly his self so why would he want all black kids he thought was too black colored why else would he bleach his skin

  11. lisarenee says:

    let the man rest…he cared for the kids he is their dad…..

  12. dee says:

    I kinda agree with some. I thought that black would be a dominant colour? You would think that kids would look a little more like him too. He was so handsome..the kids kinda look like debbie. I think the youngest is the cutest.

  13. kt2576 says:

    All in all, a DNA test will probably be in the future. It is my understanding that black is the dominant color. I do hope they are his kids but wouldn’t doubt it if they arent.

  14. Sonja says:

    I think people missed out the fact that Michael Jackson had vitiligo and lupus. God people. He did not change his skin colour into white. You people should’ve watched Oprah way back in ’93. And if these kids aren’t his, it would make sense that there’s a possibility of a sperm donor maybe because he didn’t want to pass down his medical flaws such as vitiligo and lupus to his kids. But what makes them his, is cos he raised them on his own. He’s the father and no one else.

  15. jcat says:

    No one really believes Michael Jackson had vitiligo. Have you seen what people with vitiligo look like? He kept getting whiter and whiter all over, and his nose got smaller and smaller. I’ve even heard that he had a prosthetic nose because he had had too many surgeries on his nose and there wasn’t much left of it. It’s obvious that he hated being black and looking black. I am positive that none of his children are biologically his.

  16. laughing at yall says:

    Some of you people sound racist,some just plain dumb. I think y’all need to go back to biology class and take the course again!!! But guess what! Both of my parents are black and I look white, my great grandmother was black as tar with blue eyes!! I seen it myself! people ask me all the time am I hispanic,mixed or white and argue with me when I tell them I’m black. Come on people don’t label somthing if you really don’t know what it is!!!!!!!!!!

  17. angelheart says:

    I believe none of the 3 children are biologically Michaels’. I think he created these children so he could molest them behind closed doors and no one could do anything about it. I know it sounds sick—but that’s what he was. Mentally sick. He was taking so many pain killers that eventually his body needed them to function. They gave him energy, but the downside of that is after a while you can’t sleep no matter what you take. No matter how exhausted you get, just about the time you fall into a deep sleep your muscles start to jerk and wake you up. This can go on all night. Your legs and arms jerk and wake you up. As in all medicine the longer you take it the more your body needs to get the effect you first got in the beginning. Your system gets use to it and needs more to get the same effect. If Michael had backed off of the pain killers every so often he wouldn’t have needed more and more. Sleep becomes such a necessity, but an improbability without heavy sedatives. I wouldn’t be surprized to find out that he was eating oxycontin (time released percocet) every couple of hours to keep the pain away so he could function, staying awake for days and finally taking heavy injections of sedatives to get a minimum of 4 hours sleep at a time. The onycontin wouldn’t make him stumble or be disoriented they would make him alert and very functionable, especially if he chewed them.

  18. jos says:

    Let the guy rest in peace. I studied the media industry in High School and I think it is wrong to get into other people’s personal life. Newspapers and the media should be reporting what is going on in the world. Like the war or a medical break through not concentrating on if they are Michael Jackson’s biological children. Michael Jackson took care of the children which makes him the father. Just because his children do not have his nose or his skin color does not mean they are not his. My fiance and his brother are half white half latino. They look only white. They have light almost blonde hair, green eyes and their mother’s nose. I’m full Hispanic and I look asian. Everyone is different, we are the way god made us. Bless Michael Jackson’s family during this hard time, and anyone who has anything bad to say about him, or make things up shame on you. Let his family go through the pain without any more rumors and stress.

  19. Mamma Mia says:

    polly you are so wrong…his kids don’t have blond hair, they have brown hair and there is no way on earth they are 100% white. Mixed kids have diffrent looks, They can look white or watever but only Michael j. knows the truth

  20. dawn says:

    my dad is black mom is white, all I can say is blanket is def his son(he looks a lot like me) and some of you idiots sound like white trash racist saying cause Michael is black the children should be iam living fu**ing prove! my skin is pale white with black straight hair.

  21. amanda says:

    Hai Angelheart>>> you shouldn’t use that name> its not suit with whatever you said. for what ever Micheal is, ( m also nat a fans of him ) Micheal is doing the best things in his life and I presume it a same like you. We are in the High techology WORLD..why those things bother you? can you just kept your mouth shut??? I meant it SHUT UP!!! HE IS A SUPER STAR from 1972 until to the end of his life and you people who is angry or dislike MJ got WHAT!!! JUST BLOW UR slandder up side down and all over the place which you can get..in the end? MJ fans is ROUND THE WORLD. other people don’t know you?

  22. jo says:


    To your comment, I suppose that a man should have the right to keep a woman from having an abortion seeing that the child is half his…?

  23. Flores says:

    How is it so hard to believe that they are not Michael Jackson’s kids? They were mixed and they could of just taken on more of the mother’s traits then his. Sometimes the lighter traits take over…Its not like it hasn’t happend before. He was a great father to them and that’s what matters the most. And to the person that is calling him a molester OMFG! That was one kid and family that tried say he did for what? MONEY! THe kid came clean and admitted what? The whole thing was crap and false. Money is what its all about. Michael Jackson seemed like a good man and did a lot of great things in life. O and Michael Jackson did have Vitilgo. If you Google or go to YouTube and search for Michael Jackson with Vitilgo you will see pictures of him before he came out and said he had vitilgo you will see him when he was still balck with light blotches on his skin. He did what some people with vitilgo do…he got his skin lightned so he can be one color instead of black with blotches of white all over. And so what about his nose job….alot of people get things done to them selves. I think the doctors screwed up on his nose in his later surgeries. But I believe he was a good man R.I.P. Michael

  24. gracy says:

    I don’t know what it is with people when they say that if the kid looks white that means they don’t have any black in them. That’s pure bs! Don’t you people know anything about biology? Just because one parent may be full black and the other white, it doesn’t mean the child has to come out looking just like the black parent! It’s all about genetics!!! And black is not necessarily a dominant color!

  25. Sonja says:

    Some of these comments are so ignorant! I am black and have a daughter whose father is white. She looks completely white! People think I’m lying when I say she’s mine. She has blue eyes and is whiter than most white folks I know. Both my parents are black! Get educated, people!

  26. Ray says:

    I work at a daycare. We have a little boy who’s father is black. His mother is white. This little boy is white and has light hair. Some people just don’t understand.

  27. Michelle - Pittsburgh says:

    I think the older 2 have no relation with Michael but I do believe the youngest is bio. his. Regardless they are all his. After seeing Blanket, he does favor Michael -his original face, eyes and hands. Also my g.grandmother was biracial (w/b and indian) & my g. grandfather was (black/indian). He was dk brown as where my g. grandmother was very fair. Her twin moved to Canada and passed as white. My g.grandprnts had 2 sons and 5 daughters. The youngest were the darkest;the color of Smokey Robinson. One of the boys and my grandmother were abt the color of Vin deezil. The others all looked white. My grandmother then married my grandfthr who was a lot darker than her. My dad came out fair skinned & was often mistaken as a dk skinned Italian. My one aunt had hair a little lighter than Michaels daughter & hazel eyes. She looks white, not biracial nor black.. This aunt also married a dark skinned black man. She had 5 kids. 4 are very light & look biracial and only 1 came out the complexion of his father but looks like the darker twin of his older brother. When you mix races there is no guaranteed outcome. Also, I only think he married Debbie Rowe because with all the crazy things going on he did not feel he wld have been approved to adopt nor be a surrogate. The 2nd x he came to his senses and just used a surrogate.

  28. susans says:

    am I the only one that understands the court would not separate the three children and give custody to Debbie Row for the two children? they were raised together and should remain together. that is in the best interest of all of the children. By the way I believe blanket is Michaels bio child.

  29. susans says:

    I don’t think the court would separate the three children, it is in the best interest of all of the children. I however believe Blanket is Michael’s bio child

  30. I_Love_Jesus_Christ_of_the_bible says:

    I am so sad, and have barely just stopped weeping. I didn’t want to believe he was gone, like the rest of his fans. I am thankful his family allowed the world to witness his memorial, otherwise we would still be at a loss. Thank God it was a closed casket, otherwise fans all over might have really screamed out hard.

    MamaMia, God always knew the truth. Michael just didn’t divulge it publicly. All you others, I am with Jos, let the man rest in peace. What do YOU care what color a persons skin is? Martin Luther King Jr said “judge a man by the content of his character and not the color of his skin.” Didn’t you bob your head when Billie Jean came out? Didn’t you do the Thriller hands back and forth when that came out? Haven’t you ever tried to MOONWALK?? Don’t you dance to Do you Remember? I did, and I do dance everytime one of my favorite MJ songs come on. My son grew up without his bio dad. His Uncle and Grandfather stepped up and showed him the love only a father could show his child. My son reveres them highly. Thank God. As for Michael and his children, Paris said it best today: “Ever since I was born, Daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine, and I just wanted to say I love him so much.” We know from his music how loving he was. Remember when he befriended Ryan White, who was shunned by his classmates because he contracted Aids from tainted blood because of his illness? Remember all the children who got their last wish granted and all they wanted was to meet Michael Jackson. He was one of the largest Philanthropists this world has ever seen, and all of the charities that have benefitted from his generosity will remember the love he had for them, for their cause. Give praises to the Lord, because He is good; He gave us the person Michael Jackson. REST IN PEACE MICHAEL JACKSON. You will not be forgotten, your music and your lyrics will live on, and touch the hearts of people in the future.

  31. God says:

    Pointing out the obvious neither makes me a racist or a n MJ hater. He’s genetically black, kids are 100% white. He bleached his skin and had improper relation, to say the least, with young boys… Enough said.

  32. Kerry says:

    Just let the man rest in peace. He was very talented. All the things that people say about him. If its true only Michael and the god lord will know. If its not true then shame on those who would cast stones at this man. In the end its his children who have lost the only parent they have ever knowen. It truly does not matter if they were his by blood or not. He loved them and they adored him.

  33. Delia says:

    Micheal Jackson loved those beautiful children and all I can say is that I gave my ex 2 beautiful children and he walked out on them when the eldest was 6 years old.and never came back.
    please lets have some respect for these 3 little souls who are now fatherless and who cares where they were conceived.the most important thing now is to make sure these kids are protected from the wplves of the earth. l know Micheal is ther by their side in spirit and we all pray for these 3 wonderful children.
    to everyone stop the gossip and make it a better world for who cares give these kids a break
    in heaven angel Micheal THANKYOU FOR BEING OUR GIFT.REST IN PEACE.

  34. Delia says:

    Micheal Jackson loved those three beautiful children .
    please lets have some respect for these 3 little souls who are now fatherless and who cares where they were conceived.the most important thing now is to make sure these kids are protected from the wolves of the earth. l know Micheal is there by their side in spirit and we all pray for these 3 wonderful children.
    to everyone stop the gossip and make it a better world for all . who cares where the sperms or black or white-give these kids a break and start having some respect for him.
    in heaven angel Micheal THANKYOU FOR BEING OUR GIFT.REST IN PEACE.

  35. Romania Loves Michael Jackson! says:

    the old theory sais that man comes from monkey. obvious, many didn’t “come well” out of the monkey, and kept it’s way of thinking. meaning, DUMB. I simply can’t understand why you have to make such a fuss around an empty story. like said before, no mather if the children have it’s DNA, they are his by the love and care he gaved. I can’t imagine MJ knocked to any of your doors to ask you who you made u’r children with, and if you adopted any, so why ar you doing this with him?? the one who was judged by MJ has the right to judge him, but that person doesn’t exist, as MJ loved us all, “no mather if u’re black or white”. and in exchange for his unconditional love, he receives this, worse, post-mortem. so go on, live u’r lifes, make children with who you want. next time any of you feels the need to jugde, start by looking in the mirror. R.I.P. MJ, Romania loves u!!

  36. shackema says:

    i am a fan of your father

  37. c says:

    my son has black in him he is now 9 his dad has never been involoved he looks white blonde hair and green eyes looks just like me….. come on people

  38. dee says:

    He was their daddy no doubt. He loved them, and they loved him. Let the King rest in peace. I don’t care what race or who their biological donor might or might not have been, he was their “daddy.” I will miss you Michael and I do hope his children continue to be loved as deep as their dad was evidently doing. Enough has been done and said about him. Geesh let him and his family have some peace now. RIP Michael you were and always be KING !!

  39. cara says:

    heidi klum and seal.. can you seriously tell me those aren’t their kids????? c’mon! shame on those high school diplomas! heidi klum and seal are just like Michael Jackson and Debbie rowe! with one black parent and one white, the kids can’t just be auto-black..

  40. Denise says:

    Ok. so the fact is that a father isn’t the one who creates it’s the one who raises, who cares and who loves!It really dsn’t matter who the BIO Man IS? Cuz he really isn’t Important. Michael is the FATHER plain N simple. As far as looks are concerned My parents are Hispanic while I look INDIAN which later learned that I’am. I’m adopted and 2 b honest with you I don’t care 2 know who my parents r! And I’m sure that MJ’s Kids don’t care 2 kno either. With a Daddy like that man was… it really dsn’t matter! R.I.P Michael Jackson N God Bless For jus being a good hearted person! because in actuality those kids are blessed and special just like I am!

  41. jane says:

    It is possible for a a couple when one parent is Black to have a white child with blonde hair and even blue eyes.Its all to do with genetics but it is definately possible I do think these children are all the biological children of Michael Jackson.I know this beacause I work in genetics so I thought I would share this thought with you all and correct some of you too.Blanket looks very much like his Father as dos the other son but Paris I think looks like her mom Debbie Rowe.Any way let the man rest in peace now and think off his poor children the media has killed him just as it did Maryln Monroe and Princess Diana the price of fame and fortune eh is it worth it I think not.RIP Michael Jackson.

  42. Mine says:

    Blanket really does look Michael, same eyes and same features. Micheal looked exactly like that around 7 or 8.
    Michael always had softer features than his brothers. Only difference with Blanket is that MJ’s skin was darker and had curly hair. Blanket was probably conceived with a Caucasian woman which explains his coffee colored complexion. He’s really a cutey!

  43. Ell-Ell says:

    i don’t believe any of the older children were wacko jackos real kids , and its a possibility tht MAYBE blanket is, but unlikely, as he has olive skin …not blackk! I believe he didn’t want black kids so he used surrogates so tht he could choose the father whos features he could pick and choose for his childrens genes. I also believe that the statements regarding mj’s relationships with young boys are true, he wasn’t right in the head, mayb all the years of abuse he suffered from his father affected him resulting in his weirdness. I also beleived he bleached his skin because he was ashamed to be black, this is proved by the fact that he thinned his nose, had pale white skin, thinned his lips and now believed to wear a black wig

  44. miriam says:

    After hearing how Jackson was interested in cloning himself and even investigated the possibilities with Uri Geller, I am thinking that Blanket is his clone. Jackson had the money and not many people refused him.
    It makes no difference who is the biological parent, MJ was the only parent these children knew. People, give these kids a break.
    No matter what is said, Michael’s last years were very sad, what a waste. The man had been killing himself for years. Jackson should not only be held up for his entertainment genius, but for the illness he suffered from and how it killed him in the end. Can you imagine anesthetizing oneself just to sleep? Drug abusers everywhere should take a lesson from Michael Jackson.

  45. misa says:

    who cares if they are biologically his or not. He was their father and he took care of them. And I know many mixed race individuals who are half white. Many mixed looke like the mother or the father or they just look half.

  46. misa says:

    i have a cousin who is half black and half white. He has blonde hair, blue eyes, and long straight hair. It depends on what genes become dominant in the process of when a child is conceived.

  47. Davis says:

    Good grief! Nobody here can spell or write a coherent sentence. Nor do any of you seem to have studied elementary biology or genetics! None of those kids could be Jacko’s. If you knew anything about science you’d understand why, but it’s not my job to teach you English or about Mendel.

  48. Z. Cie, M.D. says:

    Michael I love you!
    Now, I am an educated African American woman. I am also a physician. For all of the people here who disputing the biological paternity of these three blessed children who are in mourning, please understand that firstly African Americans are very mixed racially to include African, White (European), and Native American genes and thus phenotypes. Like many of the people here I too have relatives and friends with mixed children that look COMPLETELY white. However, it does not take a physician to know and understand that Michael was, is, and always will be these children’s FATHER. And DAVIS what a human looks like is much more complex than simple Mendelian genetics.
    May we all rise above the ignorance and negatively and share the Love that you gave us Michael.
    Z.Cie, MD

  49. BV says:

    I think the only child that is biologically Michael’s is Prince Michael II(Blanket). But it is possible that the two oldest are his too, concidering the way genitics work, if all 3 of them were really conceved by white women. I know a girl whom is half white half black and she looks completly white while her sister looks completly black, you’d never guess they were half white half black. It’s genetics. The only way to tell 100% if he is the father or not is to do a DNA test. It doesn’t matter if he is or isn’t biologically their father because his name is on their birth certificate and he was the only parent they knew. He raised them from the time they were born. He is their father.

  50. Putri Ina says:

    Please, let Michael rest in peace. Give his children rights to live normally like other children have. Their future is the most important. They deserve better life than their parents.

  51. tara says:

    now they are saying Michael Jackson worked with clonaid a human cloning company he wanted a clone of himself so Michael Jackson would never die this was in 202 there is proof they met with him and if you think about it his 3rd child prince Michael the II was born right after that I think that he may be michaels clone and there is no mother I am really startin to piece things together now because he would have a light child with this illness hmmmm makes you think look it up Michael Jacksons wanted to clone himself it is the truth he was afraid to die telegraph.co.uk/culture/music/michael-jackson/5766472/Michael-Jackson-obsessed-with-cloning-himself.html check out this

  52. tara says:

    i ment it was in 2002 he went and blanket is 7 that would mean he was born in 2003 cause he will be 8 and there is no mother I checked this all out they have had 12 to 14 baby’s cloned within the yrs of 2002 to 2003

  53. AM says:

    give him a break…his kids loved him he loved them that’s all that matters not if they are his or not he is their father because he has cared for them and loved them all these years…

  54. R.I.P MJ says:

    “God Says:
    July 8th, 2009 at 1:35 am

    Pointing out the obvious neither makes me a racist or a n MJ hater. He’s genetically black, kids are 100% white. He bleached his skin and had improper relation, to say the least, with young boys… Enough said.”
    ARE YOU THAT STUPID OR WHAT?!!??!……stop dealing with those sort of things, lies, blasphemy or as you want it..he was and will be THE KING,the generous one,a 50 year old man with a heart of a 10 year old.HE’S KIDS? ADORABLE,do not judge him know that he’s dead and almost buried ,you’ve done that too much till now,can you just stop it? ..Do you know what I think about those people who underestimated him,misjudged him all the time?Those people don’t have their own lives to live,and they take other lives for granted thinking that they can do whatever they damn please , are you scared that if you are a normal person and you do and speak good things about the others no one will clap their hands and say “good job” ..as they done with MJ?..just give it a try and you’ll see how did he feel when his work has been appreciated and loved! So please all you who never knew the truth about Michael Jackson ,and only listen to what tabloids have to say ,please sit back and listen to your messy gossip ,but don’t speak just keep the ugliness to yourselves :)R.I.P Michael you are now in a good place singing your beautiful songs with the angels . And as for the three little monkeys because their so sweet as Bubbles ,i hope the judges will make the best decision for that they can be happy and won’t suffer more than they are suffering now !! :(

  55. Munatsi, Zimbabwe says:

    Come on guys, are you telling me you cannot differentiate black from white? They are not his biological children. FULL STOP

  56. Arianna says:

    OMG!! some of you disgrace the human kind! cloned?? wtf? the next thing we’ll hear is that he isnt’t even dead, that he had another clone that died,and the real MJ is in China somewhere…what difference does it make if the children are biological his or not? you really need to complain about all? the first 2 doesn’t look like him, why don’t they look him? the 3-rd looks like him, why does he look like him?…geez, get a life people…let the man rest in peace. after all, we don’t have to look at the man, but at the artist. what he did back scene is none of our concern, as he never judged any of us

  57. DeeM says:

    It’s ovbious that MJ did SOMETHING right in his personal life. He raised 3 adorable and seemingly quite normal children. He was father to those kids, regardless of their genes. It really doesn’t matter if he was their bio. fatheer or not, it’s the love that he gave them that counts. Yep, I uderstand that genes are tricky, and black people can produce ‘white’ kids, but Blanket LOOKS like, even has the same expressions as MJ; I therefore think that Blanket is DEFINITELY biologically Michaels. He’s just a lighter skinned version of Michael when he was a child! Prince Michael has very dark eyes, but Paris looks completely white. I guess we’ll never know the truth!

  58. syasa says:

    ANGELHEART…the name not suit you at all..i think you shud change it to DEMONHEART better…to to his HATERS, leave MJ alone, let him rest in peace..it was enough people ridiculing him when he was alive..and now leave his children as well..biological or not, it doesn’t matter..the most important is he has put them in his heart as his most loveable children he ever had..and to his children, they love him and adore him as their DADDY..

  59. Patricia says:

    TO ALL YOU PEOPLE CALLING MICHAEL A SICKO CHILD MOLESTER!…..FIRSTLY, HE WAS PROVEN INOCENT AND ANYWAY HOW WOULD YOU KNOW THE TRUTH?….THATS LIKE ME SAYING THAT “YOU ARE A CHILD MOLESTER”…….CAN YOU PROVE THAT YOU ARE NOT A CHILD MOLESTER….YOU ARE OBVIOUSLY LOOSE LIPPED…………Michael rest in peace…..and Thanks for showing the world how easy it is to say ” I LOVE YOU”……..Maybe those who still acuse you of being a molester are the ones who cannot even say the words “I LOVE YOU” to their children…

  60. Monica says:

    Thank you Patricia. Perfectly stated, I agree! People are just ignorant!!

    RIP Michael Jackson

  61. Brooke says:

    In response to the BS some stupid people said here, obviously the first 2 children are Debbie Rowe’s and another person’s who Michael possibly knew. Blanket IS MJ’s and does resemble him as a young child, the big brown eyes, etc.; he is an adorable child just like MJ was!

  62. Pole Foam says:

    All I will say is that its kind of weird how MJ all of a sudden became white and then his children all of a sudden started to inherit 90% white traits.

    Its hard for most to accept but MJ did have an issue with his African roots. That’s not being racist or an attempt to demean his artistic work but all this stuff is to much of an coincidence.

  63. kathleen says:

    if you will look at the pictures in the net prince looks like mJ wen MJ is younger but he has white skin bc0z of his mom debbie,paris looks like Debbie and also looks like mJ,and blanket has the eyes of mJ

  64. obs says:

    Just found these pictures, the resemblance between Blanket and MJ is striking…



  65. Judith says:

    He may be black and the children white but the fact remains that those are all his children.Period!!!!

  66. Rasco says:

    Well for all of you criticizing the DEAD. How would you love to be called bad names after your death? People who don’t have SINs are the ones who can judge but if you think you haven’t sinned before, go ahead and throw as many stones as you want. All I know is MJ’s achievements in life, many of you infidels can’t achieve them in the many years to come. Either his children are his or not, he raised them which is the most important thing a father can do children’s lives. ‘Blanket’ has his eyes and I’m beginning to think he wants ‘LOVE’ to be known among men and many races that anything is possible. A black man can raise a white child and a white man can raise a black child. The message he’s passing across is called LOVE among men. I do agree with someone in this blog that he might want any of his children to have the same diseases he has whereby doctors can treat his sperm well before injecting to make any babies. Either the 2 kids are his or not, they are richer than you and MJ didn’t die retched, remember his $2 Billion investment with Sony.

    And he didn’t molest any child because if many of you watched the interview videos, and you know how to read expressions, you will know he didn’t do it. The child is confessing now for the second time and asking for forgiveness of sin. See proofs down there:

    R.I.P Micheal Jackson – We all Love you in Africa.

  67. obs says:

    Just found these pictures, the resemblance between Blanket and MJ is striking…



  68. Stacy says:

    I don’t know what some of you are thinking, but I am a woman of Native American as well as African American descent, and my fiance is white (Irish/Italian) and our son who is 10 1/2 is the same complextion of Michael’s kids. What people don’t realize is that just because someone may look “black” doesn’t mean somewhere in their family tree, there aren’t “white” genes? I know peple would like to believe it never happened, but there was once upon a time a little thing called SLAVERY and many white “owners” slept with their black servents, so there could very well be “white” genes on Michael’s side of the family, and together with Debbie Rowe their children look the way that they do!! Please just remember that when you post you are speaking about minor children who have lost the only Loving parent they had!! Their world is completely upside down, and they need the loving support of not only their extended family, but privacy from the public, so that they may grieve in a timely manner. And for the record I do believe they are ALL his biological children, and I think his daughter Paris said it best at the memorial when she said that their daddy was the best father anyone could ever imagine!! Well said Paris, your daddy would be very proud of you! RIP Michael, and bless your heart as well as the hearts of your beautiful children.

  69. BIBI says:

    first off I would like to say MJ rest in peace. you are definitely a hero to many people. you helped children that needed help you fed the poor and much more. You were what many of us wish we could be. Second off,. I would like to say is that I will not waste my time telling people they are wrong. Let them find out for themselves. The day we die is the day we will know the truth. Stop accusing someone of something you don’t know for what we do is 10 times worse. people kill steal molest rape torture and much more. I have been molested as a child and no one cares about what happened to me. Just because Michael has more money that you and is famous and you aren’t is why people wont leave him alone. I don’t know if he molested those kids or not. I don’t think he would do something like that but I wont say he didn’t. Only he and god knows the truth. For those that did him wrong will be punished. and for those who talk bad and are racist will also be punished. nothing is left unpunished. for those who say those kids aren’t his or that he molested them or all those bad things. wait until you have your own. you will be punished with your own kids. they will come out 10 times worse. and you will suffer and you will say. why did I do harm to someone who tried to help the world. my understanding of the world today is that people are envious jealous and horrible. when someone is a good person the people treat them badly and don’t see the good. but when someone is bad the people don’t say anything and treat them well because of fear of that person. let the good come into the world and keep the bad out. that is what MJ wanted.

  70. BIBI says:

    PS: stay out of his life. no one goes into yours saying your kids aernt yours why should you go into his. his bio kids or not, he raised them they are his. my brother is not my dads child but he raised him all his life so my dad is his dad. his real dad didn’t give a rats ass about him. the person who cares for you is your family. regardless of the color of skin or hair or eyes he is there dad. I know many people who are black as coal and there one child comes out different. white with blue eyes. dna test done and everything. I hope all his kids grow up to be like there dad. what MJ does is his business not urs. what you do is ur business not his. so butt out. stop tromitizing those poor children. I hope all you a**holes out there crash and burn.

  71. Dove says:

    I am VERY surprised at peoples lack of common sense. Debbie Rowe is the mother of the first 2 born, as we know, there biological father is probably a white sperm donor, rumor has it , it’s his dermatologist…although, I have biracial children and it is a scientific fact that they can come out looking all different ways, sometimes appearing more white and sometimes more black. It is possible that the first two may be mixed, I have seen mixed kids that resembled them. As for “BLANKET” He is probably mixed. His eyes are very dark, almost black looking and his hair is jet black,and face is shaped like Michael’s and eyes. I have known mixed people who had straight hair. Michael Jackson himself said in an interview that his sperm fathered Blanket. So, there you have it. Now the family is saying that Blanket can dance like his dad. Also, it was very rude for someone to say that Michael didn’t want to be black, he had a skin disease called vitiligo which causes you to loose the pigmentation of your skin, that’s a fact.

  72. Pole Foam says:

    He is a legend in his art form but let me tell you people something, those children are either not his or they are designer babies.

    Wait it gets better he also had a skin disease which caused him to be white?

    I am not being bad but probability rules this out, a African cannot have this much whiteness in his life all of a sudden.

    I have seen over a 100 mixed race kids and they always look African, there’s rare cases where they turn out completely white but in the main African characteristics are prominent. I do not know where these people are saying they have completely white kids as I have rarely seen them.

  73. T says:

    some of you are so ignorant just because the kids are white does not discerdit him from being the father. the mother’s DNA was just stronger. just like people say how could a black person have blue eyes well I have a cousin who’s mother is black and father is white and the child looks fully white not mixed not bi racial no curly hair but straight caucasian but his mother is black.

  74. michaela says:

    omg I can’t believe hes dead he is such an ispreantion I’m only 14 and I’m one oh his biggest fans..my family loves him they named me after him…rest in peace michael

  75. Omaar says:

    My Thoughts On Michael J. Jackson…

    Michael J. Jackson was The Single Greatest Entertainer, Artist, Creative Genius, Humanitarian & Businessman to ever Live.


    Hands Up Or Down


    He was the Single Greatest..

    [Self Hating ,Black Man]

    To Ever Walk Planet Earth.

    And No Matter his Success as an Entertainer, He was a Heavily Flawed..

    [Human Being]

    I’m saying this in Honesty and I’m saying this…

    [Sincerely & Truthfully]

    PS: I Love the Music [68%] of his Music, that is.

    He was a Great Entertainer

  76. Omaar says:

    When Michael Jackson got into Legal Trouble, who did he Run to, who Held his Hand & Stood by him in BOTH Child Molestation Cases [Popa Joe Jackson] that’s who…

    Michael Jackson wanted Success and Michael said he was Not Beaten by his Father as much as his other Brothers, because Joe Looked upon Michael as his [Golden Child]

    It was Indeed Michael who had all this [Ambition] as Berry Gordy pointed out, he said Michael Studied all the Great R&B Artist and wanted to be Bigger than those who came before him.

    Stop Blaming Joe Jackson. For Once Blame a Man Michael Jackson,who Lived with Joe & Katherine Jackson until his 30’s in their Encino Home.

    It Doesn’t make Rational Sense, when you come of Age, just like all the Other Jackson Brothers, they Left the Jackson House of their own Free Will, it was Michael who Stayed until his [Mid-30’s]

    No one Held him Captive.

    Michael Enjoyed the Confines of Encino and Often did Business Deals with Joe Jackson, like the [Victory Tour] Though the [Triumph Tour] was the Best Tour for the Jackson’s

    Michael Often Consulted with Joe, He only came to Dispise Joe, based on Extra-Marital Affairs & Joe’s Love Child

  77. BaBii D33 says:

    Arguin about if it’s his kids doesn’t matter.If the kids want to know I’m sure when they get older they’ll find out.AND ANywaii he took good care of all his kids,so leave the man to rest.But personally,I think that Blanket is definitely Michael’s.Come on Look at his eyes,his hair,he looks just like Michael!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. pipiet says:


  79. pipiet says:


  80. Cielo says:

    Paris Michael, Prince Michael I & Blanket is his children. Paris & Prince3 Michael I is his & the mother is Debbie Roe (if ever that is the spelling). Blanket is still his & a surrogate mother. Just look really closely as in look at the skin there is somewhat a mixture of black but not very much. Michael Jackson really love his childdren & even his gone he can still show it if you’ll just stop stalking them.

  81. didi says:

    lol I think the only reason there is a question as to if these lovely children were conceived from MJ’s sperm is because he is a public figure. really now people I do not see any people questioning the fact that my child’s father is as white as a sheet with blonde hair and blue eyes, and I am dark skined with curly hair, and he came out a joyful shade of white with aqau eyes and blonde hair…i definatley did not have any white womans eggs implanted in me…so yes it is possible for a colored and white//black and white couple to produce white kids…duh!!

  82. melanie says:

    Please let the poor man rest in peace! He loved his children dearly whether they were his or not, and they loved their “daddy” so much. Nobody knows the truth except him, none of us knows…so why don’t we leave him in peace? He was an entertainer with so much talent who gave the world so much and will be remembered for a vey long time! Let us cherish the wonderful memories and the great music he gave us. It is just so sad for the loss of this great entertainer and a wonderful father . R.I.P. Michael …. you are forever remembered and loved !

  83. livia says:

    I’m so disgusted by all of those “intelligent” comments from people who know sh.t what the are talking about. I’m one of those “lucky” people who have to live with vitiligo. Although I’m black, everyday I see a white woman in the mirror because I bleached my skin. I don’t have problem with my race but I did have a great mental problem when I looked into the mirror and I saw that black and white spotted person. I believe each and every of you would do the same thing if you had to hide your face and body from the world and all the staring people. Now I’m married to white man and we have beautiful WHITE 3 year-old girl. I don’t know whether MJ’s children are really his or not, but I do believe he loved them and they adored him as well and that’s what matters the most. there are parents who have their own children and don’t give a damn about them. And I also believe that almost all of you have nothing interesting in your life to do and therefore you dig in the life of somebody else and read all the tabloid junk.It is very heroic to talk trash about a person after his death. And I do wish to all of you concerned the experience to walk in shoes of somebody else and I wonder whether you would judge people the same way as you do now in Michael Jackson case.

  84. Renee in NOrth Carolina says:

    Blanket is Michael’s clone. The age even matches up to when the people railian’s? claimed to have cloned 2 people out on international waters so they could not be prosecuted.

    Of course Blanket will not look like Michael back in his childhood, Michael didn’t want to look like Michael. children’s operations heal faster than adults. He was slowly turning his clone (blanket) into the face that he always wanted. First step–straighten hair, next was skin lightening….and so on. Every since I heard about that group I always thought Michael would be one person arrogant enough to do it. It’s odd that even though it was a comedy movie “Click” announced in the background on TV in the future that Michael Jackson was the first person to have himself cloned.

    It’s not so bizarre when you really think about it. Also, wasn’t this around the time that Michael was going bankrupt? Why? Did anyone ever answer why someone with so much money could suddenly be broke?

    I don’t know about the other two children, but I know who “Blankets” mama is…..Katharine Jackson. That is why Michael left all the money to her, so she could raise him right this time and hopefully keep Joe away from him…..I dare anyone to do that dna test to see if Katharine is blanket’s mother!

  85. annieinjax says:

    Why don’t you people let the man rest in peace. The important thing here he loved his children very much and provided for them very well. STOP speculating and mind your own business.

  86. me says:

    michael ‘ s ancestrys were black , Indian ,white … don ‘ t forget that MJ ‘ s father has blue eyes and he ‘ s black too .Exactly the same as paris’s eyes .

    Paris and blanket are clearly half breed , their skins are colored, but I can’ t say it absolutely about Prince . I don ‘ t know .

  87. danii says:

    what matters the most is what Michael taught us and that is to love one an other and to give and help others , all of his songs had meaning and he showed us how we could be good humanatarians in this world and it doesn’t matter if the kids are his or not because he gave them love and looked after them well and that’s all that counts , there will never be a artist as great and talented as Michael and he lives on in all of our hearts

  88. Fan says:

    I understand Michael loved his children very much. I also understand children who have parents of different races can be born with one parents genes who dominate more than the other. Now what I don’t understand is how all three children look white. No traits of Black at all and there are two yes two different mothers. Remember Michael was a dark skin man many moons ago. He didn’t look the same as he got older due to many surgeries. You can change, but not drastically. I bet if you saw the rest of the jacksons children they don’t resemble Michaels children at all. This is why people are doubting the fact that Michael is the father of these children. Yes the most important fact is he loved his children, but lets be real and know that Michael lied about many things about his life. No matter what is true or not, I will always love his music.

  89. Anne says:

    It’s incredible to read such nonsense. Mixed children are not always dark nor white. I am mixed and look dark. And guess my son is white with straight hair an d my girl is tannes. I am their mother. My nephew is mixed but looks white witj green eyes (due to my grand mother).nOnly DNA tests could reveal the truth but what matters is to be raised with love. Sorry I am French

  90. The Trash Police, cleaning up web threads. says:

    hey angelheart, I found it strange that you can navigate with the name ANGELHEART, since the Bible says “out of our mouth, come the issues of the heart”. SO perhaps you should try and get your mouth & heart lined up better.
    Michael Jackson did NOT molest those kids since the “Victim” came forth & recanted his accusations towards Michael pertaining to his child molesting. The “victim” publicly announced the is was all a scam to extort money from Michael.
    Get your facts straight. He loved those kids & as for you, a couple years of therapy might help you out.

  91. Charles says:

    A-HOLES, I HAVE BIRACIAL CHILDREN IN MY FAMILY WHO LOOKS MORE WHITE THAN PARIS AND PRINCE. Just because a parent is African American it does not mean that their genes would appear in the child. just the same, there is no absolute rule that children with a white parent will have fair skin and curly hair.

  92. Cranberry says:


    A black man and white woman had two sets of twins, in both one was black while the other was white. All four kids were girls. I’m not sure if the Paris and Prince Michael I are his, but we shouldn’t rule it out based on their looks when you can just look at the article above.

  93. foreverana says:

    This is just too much! Designer Kids?? Think back to when Michael married Debbie Rowe in 1996, the whole purpose was to have his children. If he was going to ‘pick a father’ why bother getting married. Look at Mariah Carey, and remember Prince the musician? Prince Michael and Blanket both have similar coloring like Prince does. Any of you who saw the memorial, and Paris’s touching tribute to her dad at the end of it, should have seen, she is lightly tanned, due to her African American heritage. I have no doubt they are Michaels. Although Blanket surely looks a lot like Michael, he also seems to have his shy, public demeanor., both sons have Michaels slight slim build and his eyes. I don’t know why there is so much doubt about this. They were probably the only thing, that brought Michael true happiness.

  94. Mary Evans says:

    The children look like MJ. When MJ was born and mother said he had a large head, large eyes and long legs. It is MJ business whether he ever sleep with any woman. Why are people so quick to believe he sleep with boys. My God people. Get a life. Just be thankful you had a normal life. Everyone is not as lucky as you. God creates every living person and being. He knew before MJ was born the path he would take. I wished I could have know the man as a friend. If I had I would have done my best to help him grow up fast and taught him wisdom from the bible. His only fault was he never grew up and he trusted the wrong people. I am sure there are others all over the world who have never grown up. Those people are not famous entertainers or wealthy. Yes MJ perfected his gift and according to Proverbs 18:16 A man’s gift makes room for him, and bring him before great men. Proverbs 17:8 says , A gift is a precious stone in the eyes of him tha have it: whithersoever it turneth, it prospereth. God Loves MJ because he changed the World the best he knew how. RIP MJ.

  95. Cindy says:

    I really can’t say what race MJ children are, because I have two daughters with blond hair/blue eyes, different fathers. I myself black female (grandmother white on fathers side)..Stupid black and white people ask all the time if I’m their nanny, hecky no. Just their black mom. I would love my daughters if they were brown like me, but god chose the color, not me. My black mom even ask why are they so white, and why is the texture of their hair so white like, if I knew I’d be rich. So leave these kids alone their MJ’s own special ingredient..

  96. melinda says:

    the person who stated OyxContin – you can function on it. Obviously you do NOT know the drug. I’ve lived in chronic pain for 12 years and will live in chronic pain the rest of my life and I’ve been on high does of OxyContin and it DOES leave you in a stuper. Here I am a white person but I find 98 percent of the comments to be racists. Let the man rest in peace people. His Dad is NOT letting him rest in peace.

  97. mspaap says:

    Why did this doctor admittedly, wait over 30 minutes to call an ambulance that was less than 10 minutes away, especially since he suspected Michael was having heart trouble?
    Why did this doctor say he didn’t know Michael’s address when he’d been to his house several times and his BMW was towed from Michaels residence on the day Mike died?
    Why did this doctor fail to move Michaels body to a hard surface when giving him CPR?
    How can we be sure he or someone didn’t put all those needle marks on Michaels body after he lay helpless to defend him self?
    It is quite possiblef the evidence found by police was planted in Michael’s home after he died! Dead men tell no lies and cannot speak up to defend themselves. Isn’t it odd that so many people have negative things to say about Michael Jackson AFTER he died?

  98. mehernaz says:

    Will love MJ 4ever……plz people have some respect for the dead.if you don’t have anything nice to say then please don’t say bad also.what he had lupas and vitiligo is the cause of his skin lightening not bleach and as far as his childern doesn’t matter who is the biological father is they were raised by him and loved by him and were his children……why don’t you pick on all those peope who have adopted children from all over the world…why does it have to be Michael Jackson all the time. He was and always be the most famous person on this earth and that’s what people can’t take…………its time we leave Him and his family…..they are human just like all of us with feelings. MJ……RIP

  99. rhodelyn says:

    i love you Michael kahit n you are dead rest in peace

  100. mahmmud yesuf says:

    i cobsider my self as MJ big fun, but I can not read these all sorry!

  101. ann hayward says:

    And Amy Whitehouse is his daughter….lol

  102. I_Love_Jesus_Christ_of_the_bible says:

    Romania – humans did NOT evolve from monkeys. There is no proof that humans ever did. Any “proof” that has been discovered is a huge lie made up by scientists. who refuse to believe we came from Adam & Eve Do you walk like, act like, eat like, stink like, talk like, play with your poop like, literally eat your vomit like a monkey? I didn’t think so.

    As for MJ, he was the best at his work. He wowed us all. Even the ones who claimed he was any derogatory slur they said about him. He rocked out with the best of Van Halen, the best of Guns n Roses, he sang back up to many leads, he learned what he was taught, and taught others, and was teachable. Many Christians scorn him in life and death, and pass judgement, but did any of you God fearing, God loving Christians EVER PRAY FOR THE MAN?? I did. I prayed for God’s will to be done; MJ was found not guilty. His accusers settled out of court. They were the ones to “drop their stones.” Jesus said to the group who brought the sinning woman caught in her sin to Him: “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.” And they dropped their stones. To the woman He said: “Go and sin no more.” She picked up her cross, and she followed Jesus. Read the inspired word of God in the Gospel of John, and learn the truth. Take your heads out of the sand and religion, and get to know Jesus Christ of the holy bible.

  103. david dailey says:

    There can be a white looking child born to a black person it’s already in the genes. Because, you can’t tell if my grandchildren are white or black .

  104. Desiree says:

    Well I am biracial and I can say that I look nothing like Price and Paris. Now, Blanket is a different story. Dark hair, eyes, and medium skin color. Makes more since that Blanket is his. But not Prince and Paris.

  105. cat says:

    Just to say Michael Jackson may he rest in peace x x x x x x x x x good luck I love you Michael Jackson.

  106. MJ Rip. says:

    Look, All Four Of His Children Have Features and Characteristics The Same As Him, Does It Really Matter If The Chilren Are White?!
    Prince, Blanket, and Paris (im not sure about Omer) Have A White Mother, So To Be Fair, It Just Depends On Wich Chromosomes Got Together When They Were Made.
    And Enyway, Who Made Iy Any Of OUR Bussiness. Michael Loved Them, and They Loved Him. Happy Family.
    Michael Jackson; Taken Many Years Too Early, Down To A Incompitant Doctor, Who If I Ever Go To America And Meet, Will Get A Piece Of My Fist (:
    Michael, You Had Real Talent. You Were An Imspiration To Millions. You Were And Will Always Remain The King Of Pop </3 Rest In Piece (L)
    F*** You Haters.

  107. Love You Mj says:

    I just want to say to ev1 that is all bent up on the black issue of the children..First of all I am malado which is half black and half white..My father is black (full) and my mother is white(full blonde hair and baby blue eyes) and I am light skinned with hazel eyes.. also my little sister same parents is white skinned with hazel/green eyes..it is gonna depend on who genes are dominant. So therefore just because they are white skinned does not mean anything..However, these two children I don’t believe they are because I don’t think he ever had anything to do with Debbie except an arrangement..including not handing over his sperm..and blanket and omer I believe are brothers but, not from MJ and I think it is a money thing again in that area…HOWEVER< regardless if they are biological or not ..Mj is their father because any man can give sperm to produce a child but, it takes a real man to be a father and take care of them and that is EXACTLY what Michael did

  108. Peace in The World says:

    I am all agree with Jos and I_Love_Jesus_Christ_of_the_bible Let the man rest in peace, does it really matter if the kids is black or white, all would be the same if you treat them right. this kind of comment will linger in the internet forever, have you guys ever think if one day MJ kids finds out, how would they think about it?let them grow as a human, let us try putting our feet on their shoes.
    God bless all human races.

  109. Kiyuh says:

    everyone knwz dhat all dose kids look lyke Michael to cranberry I have different color people n my family my aunt has a child that looks white

  110. Emelina says:

    GUYS!!!!!!!!! his skin was NOT surgically lightened! he had a skin disease from the Pepsi accident! The glove,hat, and shades/glasses were for protection! and if you look at the picture of Paris and Katherine Jackson at the memorial you WILL see the resemblence.

  111. Subhashani&Vinimay says:

    Hey guys,

    Give it a break. Respect the fact that they are Michael Jackson’s kids and nothing else matters. Let him rest in peace and let them live in peace. They anyways have a lot to deal with. They will always be his kids and a part of his legacy. Can we humans just get out of the same old rut and give these kids a break. We are so shallow. One moment we are lamenting his death and the next moment we are licking the crappy gosips that come our way. Just for once let’s try to bring a change and let us begin with ourselves. That’s what he said. Long live Michael. We love you.

  112. micheal says:

    u guys are upc tsetting me they are micheals children can’t you the resembals receballance they are micheals children

  113. britney says:

    hi my anme is Britney Spears Michael Jackson kill but I love you Michael and children (paris prince blanket):)

  114. Patricia says:

    you people are stupid!! Non of Michaels kids look completely white. The older two must be permanately tanned then! Blanket has definately got some black genes. RIP MJ

  115. connie says:

    it takes a lot more than biology to be a “mother” or “father”; perhaps we should broaden the definiton of just what those terms really mean. Why is it so interesting or important to know if these children are Michael Jackson’s biologically?

  116. Patricia says:

    People please look at Mariah Carey, she is white skin etc she is mixed for god sake! Her skin colour is same as Michaels two older children! even if he is not bio father they are not fully white!! Micheal was a wonderful man every body around him just used him, we love him. this should not be an issue, they were a great family and the children loved him dearly. pure love. RIP MJ

  117. joi says:

    Michael Jackson’s childrena are not all his. I wonder how many more are out there. Michael Jackson did not mind the race of his children’s mother and if a woman of any race had carried a child he would have loved the baby. Afterall he told Martin Bashir so in an interview. his marriage to Debbie Rowe was becasue he was youndg and foolish and knew no better. A lot of back people also bleach. there are no end of bleaching creams from black, Asian and Latina pharmacies. Also a lot of white people also tan. Tanning has been going on way since before bleaching came about. A lot of white beautiful girls would be a very pasty pale colour truly without the tan and that is not attractive to a lot of black boys. simple. Tanning lotions are available at every pahamacy, food stores infact any store. they are never as controlled as bleaching creams which you may find behind pharmacy counters or at special afro carribean, Asian and Latina stores. a lot of Mexicans are naturally very dark people. Michael just wanted to prove a point in the black and white issue, it doesn’t matter he says. Truth is if Michael had been alive he would have probabaly biologically fathered some more children. And they could be any race. His family are black. he was not ashamed of family. His last ‘girlfriend’ or ‘lover’ was black very black and that ended in December 2008. Apparently they slept together.?? He did not even sleep with Debbie Rowe after a publicity wedding and worse the sperm wasntt his. So Michael hasd no particular preference. But he did like children especially if they were fair, some people are like that. what about a lot of caucasians that prefer to adopt black kids? same thins. Afterall he selected a fair maid for his last child blanket. BUt there is a lot of cash involved. Dr Klein for one used his own sperm. And then said ‘I never seen children as these’ ha ha. Who stands to inherit the fortune ? If Michael had lived there would have been more sharing to do.

  118. SHANNIQUA says:


  119. Regina from Brazil says:

    Well, my interest in this subject is because, first of all I love Michael and for this reason I believe that is important to clear that the statements that he was sterile are wrong and unfair. Blanket is very similar to him, certainly is biological child, and Omer, with 25 years old probably is his brother. They are very similar. Mothers are different. A DNA test will show this. Both are very similar to the father. Another son 26 years old has receintly also called a DNA test. He have the father’s name in the birth document. Nobody is asking for DNA test if it believes will not be positive. Considering all, MJ have had 6 children, 2 of Debbie and other donor and 4 biological children. Very happy this news, denies accusations that he was gay and prove that was always with Omer, include when he came to Brazil. His affection was misunderstood by so many poor mind people. MJ will always be in my heart.

  120. Regina from Brazil says:

    Excuse me, I meant 5 children, not 6, 3 biological.

  121. Bryan says:

    actually, Blanket looks like Michael when Michael was 10, not the other way around.

  122. MJ Luver says:

    Does it really matter. I mean c’mon people the mans dead. let him rest in peace. And it is possible that the kids are his…and people come in different colors. you see really dark African americans, and you see really white lookin African americans. and their mom is white so it is possible that those are his kids. and he did have vitiligo. I bet you would bleach yourself if you had vtiligo so you didn’t look like a dalmatian!!!! And it is possible that he didn’t want to pass on vitiligo to his children. anything is possible. SO JUST SHUT UP AND LEAVE IT ALONE!!!!! He was bothered all throgh his life… so can’t he be left alone in death. R.I.P. MJ….. long live the king. I bet if all this happened to a regular peron, nobody would giva a crap… so whts different for him. he was a regular person like you and me.

  123. Merla Gavstone says:

    What the hell are all you geneticist talking about. Unless a DNA paternity test is done – no-one will ever know. No, none of them are his OK. Debbie Rowe herself said that she was artificially inseminated by a donor and she sold them kids to him that’s why the judge ruled they should be looked after by the Jackson family to keep them in the style to which they became acustomed. Debbie Rowe could not do that with her broke ass. Only MJ’s fam could do it as they will have MJ’s money already. D Rowe would have to take the MJ estate to Court to claim for money for the two kids. She has no biological connection with blanket. Anyway everybody get a life With M-O-N-E-Y you can buy anything.

  124. secert name says:

    he said it on living with Michael Jackson go to youtube.com and type that in and look at it.even though blanket is light he said he is black his mother is black that is my proof.

  125. secert name says:

    you are right MJ lover but at the same time I am mad at you.

  126. lala says:

    I don’t believe Michael is the biological father of Blanket. Michael said Blankets mother was Black and two African Americans would not create a child that looks like Blanket. Halle’s daughter has more color than Michael’s children and her daughter is 2/3 white. Michael loved his children and that’s the only thing that mattered.

  127. Milcah says:

    What’s Happing?

  128. shisha says:

    what? you say it never rains in southern california?

  129. pearl or miearl .mi means michael says:

    u know guys its just a simple answer and why its a big deal 4 u…my mico is dead and don’t ever care what family doing…guys please stop it if you love mico just “MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS”.just stop and keep ur hands not moving you stupid’s…

    i love you mico…

  130. niki says:

    I am a mixed race person. My mother is black and my father is white. I came out blond hair and blue eye with no sign of being African American but I assure you that my mother is my bio mom. I don’t kno if the kids r his bio kids or not but it is possible to come out looking one way my brother and I r proof of that.

  131. justene morse says:

    i love MJ and I always have and always will

  132. jennifer rosales says:

    Hi I’m Jennifer I’m a really huge fan of ur dad( which by the way I’m sorrry of wat happend )its nice meeting u!=D

  133. swtgrl says:

    does it mtter if MJ adopted Paris, Prince and Blanket????
    I don’t think he did but it still don’t matter. He loves his children and they love him so why are you comparing HIS genes to HIS children. They are now fatherless so you should pity them.

  134. okiefan says:

    O.K. first of all anyone who says MJ’s kids could not be black are IGNORANT. I am black, cherokee Indian and Irish and german. I look like I am from india. I have skin like indians, hair like blacks and white features (nose, shape of face, lips etc.) Mixed kids come in all shades and I know children who are 1/2 black and 1/4 black and are WAY whiter than these kids. I actually know kids who are 75% black and even a few 100% black (both parents are black) who are whiter than prince, Paris and blanket. Now, not saying MJ did this, but he did have money and he was always disguising and hiding his apperance. he could have done the same for his kids to attempt to conceal them even more than the masks they wore did. i.e. bleaching princes hair when he was young. obviously he was not snow white headed. my son’s father is 100% black and my son is very white and has long, dirty blond hair that was in shirley temple ringlets until he was about 3. people do not evne know my son is black or mixed at all until they meet either me or his dad and then they always ask me if my husband is white. he just happened to get my mothers family’s features and not his daddy’s black family featuers. I have a very American Indian square face and my son got none of that. I used to joke that he was switched at birth and a white woman has my kid and I got hers. most of my friends are either mixed or have mixed kids and their kids are the full scope of the rainbow. some are black as night and some are white as snow. here in America because of slavery, lots and lots of black people have white in their background and those European features may come out in their kids or their grandkids, especially if they have kids with someone who also has white in their background. look at all the mixed American celebrities. you have Mariah Carey and then you have halle berry and Nicole richie. Nicole Richie is mixed. her mom was white and her dad was black and she was adopted by a black couple (lionel richie) well becasue her kids father is white, her kids are 75% white but that does not take away the 25% black. her daughter is white as snow but you can see some black facial features in her. there is lenny kravits, and bob marley and the list goes on and on. there is a couple in europe. the man is black and the wife is white. they had two sets of twins and one came out white and one came out black in both cases. those kids are mixed. mj’s kids are in no way whiter than those white twins. that is the glory of God. he can make us any way he wants and our skin runs the gammet of the rainbow. Now it is possible MJ’s kids are not his becuase maybe with all his conditions and the meds and drugs he used he did not or could not have kids, but do not think that those kids could not be his cause of the way they look. there are a lot of things you can do now when it comes to reproduction genetically. my sister and her husband are going to pay to make sure they have a boy child next time they have a kid cause they have 3 girls and want a boy. doctors can actually kill off female sperm and only allow male sperm to fertilize. maybe MJ wanted his kids to have certain features and so he paid to have those features show in his kids. I do not believe MJ was ashamed to be black. he may not have wanted his kids to look like his dad and even though I dont’ think he did, he may have changed his face a lot cause he thought he did and did not want to look like joe, but MJ was proud to be black. that is why he was so devastated by his vitiligo. it took away his identity and he dealt with it in a very destructive way. go online and look at regular people who are black and have that. they end up looking like albinos. PURE COTTON WHITE. I could not imagine how I would feel if my skin color disappeared. You would turn into a ghost.it really doesn’t matter anyway cause Michael is their dad even if it was through surrogacy or adoption. I think we should feel sympathy and compassion for them. they are orphans and their whole world has been changed forever. I think we should leave the worry about who their biological parents are up to prince, Paris and blanket. if they want to know when they grow up they will do a test and find out. it is not for any of us to ponder over or criticize.

  135. andra says:

    Michael is the best!!! And the kids are great because they are his kids. And I love them very much… please let him in peace!!!!HE HAD A DIFFICULT LIFE BECAUSE OF YOU,MEAN PEOPLE!!! THANKS ALL MJ FANS THAT YOU LOVE HIM ANYWAY!!!

  136. Tamani says:

    Blanket is a sweet, innocent child and is being well taken care of this is michael’s child take it or leave it…….it’s none of our bizness if its michael’s biologicalli. all Michael fans should not talk about biological or non biological Michael would be hurt….r.i.p brotha

  137. jackson says:

    Michael Jackson I love you

  138. Caroline says:

    That’s bull, man! Blanket looks EXACTLY like Michael in the Jackson 5 days, but fairer skinned and with a slightly different nose (there are many similarities though).

  139. Zappolia is not my real name. says:

    i totally agree with okiefan and MJ is the most amazing person ever he had vitiligo he did NOT bleach his skin his voice is amazing he donated so much money to bunches of charities leave him alone blanket is his real son that’s all I have to say. RIP MJ.

  140. Miriam says:

    Its not our business, the man has passed….who cares?

  141. Suzanne Cyr says:

    Michael Jackson id have white in his family roots,
    If you do some research you will find it,
    and part of his white roots are related to the royal family of England,

    The youngest child pictured here resembles Janet, Micheal Jackson’s baby sister,

    and yes I seen a child completely white with blonde hair and the mother is very black, but not African black, American black, [which also had white and Indian, Spanish blood,

  142. Suzanne Cyr says:

    If Michael wanted to bleach his hair,…. it is ok with me,……. he was looking hella good there for a minute,”

    some of Michael brothers and sisters do not have black feature’s even if they are dark,

    but all that matters is Michael Jackson’s family took real good care of all those kids and it shows, they are beautiful and black,
    beautiful and black and minding their own business,
    I am so glad that those child are in good hands,
    my mother in law knew that family and they are all the most kind and loving people one could know,
    but just like king David, they were wonderful,except when they weren’t. God Bless,

  143. Dynasty says:

    IDK but I think Michael Jackson didn’t care what color his children would be.My question is what color is his children.I sPrince and Paris mixed with black and white since Michael used to be black and is Blanket really mixed with Mexican and black?

  144. boutaina says:

    i was born the same day as prince Michael and this is why I wont to say happy birthday to him .And I hope to prince Michael a good year with happiness and heathiness.

  145. teewhy says:

    i think you guys should leave him alone. RIP Michael the world would miss ur songs you av a god heart . you guys shud watch his inteview with Oprah n get a life

  146. Sexichick51 says:

    come on people I’m mixed wit black nd white nd cuban nd native nd Mexican I am 17 nd got a baby girl nd she is light skinded her dad is black she steil look white people don’t beleve mi dat she mine

  147. Fatima says:

    I think everyone should stop speculating about weather those kids are his or not and focus on all the good he has done in his short life on earth.I believe he was a good man with a big heart,he was honost and decent,and kind.I don’t think he had phsycological problems, I think he was misunderstood by people with evil in their hearts,people who have to drag ugly into everything,people who don’t know the meaning of pure love.I condemn everyone who believes MJ,would do anything to harm any child,or any living being for that matter.He may have been lonely and isolated due to his huge success, but never Evil always kind and gentle. I wish to also point out what a great entertainer he was, what a talented and gifted child he was, no other living human ever walked on this earth and leave behind so much for all of us to remember.Get your dirty evil minds out of the gutter and pray to that angel for forgiveness. I love you MJ, and I am thankfull and very greatfull that you came and went in my lifetime and I hope I meet you up there . God bless you and your beautifull family………….

  148. Natasha says:

    omg. you guys are stupid. whoever thinks Blanket Jackson isn’t Michael Jacksons son is stupid. It doesn’t matter if he isn’t black or not.Some children who have both races (white and black) may not always turn out black or white because they are getting DNA from both mother and father. Just because Blanket is white doesn’t mean that it isn’t his son. Also Michael Jackson never made his skin white because he wanted to. He had Vitiligo (its when you get white spots on your skin) the spots were to big to cover with dark foundation so he had no other choice then to turn himself white.

  149. Jenny says:

    Michael Jackson was not a pedophile, but a victim of extortion attempts by BOTH sets of parents and each set of parents (in the first case, the father) were PROVEN to be guilty of extortion. The father in the first case admitted he was trying to get money from Michael. He is now dead thanks to a gunshot wound to the head. Good riddance. The second family tried to extort money from the likes of Jay Leno and Chris Tucker, but Michael, being the kind and, unfortunately, naive person that he was, trusted them and got burned again as a result. At least the jury saw how ridiculous the allegations and the entire case was and found him NOT GUILTY on all counts. If half you people knew how to read, you’d know this.

    Michael had Vitiligo. He said so in 1993, but people would rather believe he bleached his skin because he didn’t want to be white. If you were a fan, like myself, and watched him closely, you knew something wasn’t right with his skin. There are pictures all over the Net depicting the skin blotches and discolorations he tried to hide under heavy makeup. Mainly during the Bad era. Eventually, his disease got so bad, he had to resort to the lightening of the brown patches because most of his normal color was gone. Where is the proof he had this disease? Sadly, the only solid proof is in his autopsy report. One of the things listed by the coronor was Vitiligo. Is the coronor lying too?

    Michael Jackson was a good man. A decent man. He tried SO hard to make people happy. Tried so hard to help those less fortunate than himself. Was effected deeply by people suffering all around the world and he wanted nothing more than to be able to make a difference. What did he get for having such a large heart? Scorn, hatred, ridicule and humiliation. Maybe now that he’s gone, people can look back on his life and see what he really stood for. That is my hope. I love you forever and always, Michael.

    Long Live The King.

  150. Teresa says:

    First of all…these children are not his step children. He did not marry a woman with kids or go out and adopt these kids so they are not “step”. If you really look at Blanket, he look’s a whole lot like his father and has a lot of his moves too. I am 3 years younger then Michael and have been a fan since the beginning. I had to stop reading all of this because most of you know nothing about what you are talking about. Michael has never been found guilty of any wrong doing with kids. He has spent his life surrounded by children and he only picks 2 out of the bunch to molest! Give me a break, it’s not something you would do just a few times with 2 boys and not keep doing it. Besides, a few of the boys now work for him and show no signs of ever being molested by him…they love him.

    As far as “Angelheart” you need to change your name to Lucifer! Michael would not have children just to molest them behind closed doors. This takes a sick mind to even think up something like this. Watch his kids, and listen to them…they love him with all of their heaart, they show no hate or anger to him. If he was molesting them it would show in their actions. Michael was a great father and a wonderful person. Just watch videos of him at hospitals and around children at Neverland..they all love him. Let someone accuse you of something so horific and see how you start acting. The press and those boys families helped put the nails in “Michael Jackson’s” coffin. May he R.I.P. He always wanted to be like Christ, now he is with the King of Kings and being loved like never before. I will miss him always.

  151. tobias davis says:

    blanket Jackson is the recarnation of Michael Jackson

  152. tossania foster says:

    what are you people talking about they are his kids at least he loves them and if most of you guys were like him it would be a better socity for both children and man leave them alone I love them very much especially Paris because am a girl

  153. MJlover says:

    Michael Jackson did not get his skin surgically lightened he had leocaderma witch attack colored cells.

    i love MJ
    and leave him alone for the sake of all that is good and pure

  154. Tasia says:

    in case you guys are TOTALLY BLIND you can see that Michael blanket are TWINS. blanket looks NOTHING
    like Michael with plastic surgery
    however, he looks JUST like little MJ circa 1958-1978

    OH and none of his kids are blonde (prince had his hair bleached as a child)
    Paris has blue eyes bcuz of her mum DUH she is her mums twin

    i mean you guys may say tht Michael wanted white kids,
    but that is totally untrue bcuz unless ur blind you can see
    his sons look like a young version of him.
    and his daughter looks like his aunts

    oh and Prince has Vitiligo

  155. sindhu says:

    micheal so sad off u?

  156. Courtney says:

    I guess all you people who think those are not his kids never heard of genetics. It is possible for children of mixed background to come out more fair toned or they can look completely caucasian

  157. Courtney says:

    and by the way Michael was not 100% black very few African Americans are 100% “black”

  158. Aussie says:

    LOL. You people here are so stupid. It is imposible for a black man with two black parents to make three pure white babies and with blue eyes. None of these children are Micheal Jackson’s. Look at his siblings that have children with white or light skinned mates and you will see that none of their kids look pure white. Micheal Jackson was a liar. He hated himself and especially being black. He was a sick man. As far as him molesting those kids, I believe that there was definitly some grooming and something was done to these kids but not as extreme as the the media made it out to be. I don’t blame M J for that. I blame all those kids parents who let their kids sleep over in a grown man’s bed. As far as the skin disorder, I believe that there was the skin discolouration but Micheal Jackson could have used the black makeup to cover the spots to match his skin. It was an excuse to try and be white that just made him look not black or white but scary.

  159. Aussie says:

    Yes “Courtney” I too come from a mixed family that are white. There are members of my family that range from dark to very very light skin. However, the ones that have a black parent their kids did not come out pure white. There are kids that can come out more on the white side that are born to bi racial parents but not ALL (three) children from the same black parent. That is imposible unless a dirty needle was used from a white mother to a black mother after artificial insemination.

  160. fergie says:

    look you guys should leave him aline!you don’t know.you werent there when all this happened so shusssshhh

  161. TheyAreHis says:

    are you people blind? THEY ARE HIS CHILDREN! in 2005 they had testing done to prove they were his cause if they werent they would be taken from him due to the molestaion assumtions. you people don’t know what happend were you there when they were convieved? NO. so shut the fu** up. the two oldest know about the stupid retarded people like you who claim the weren’t his. they know what happened, not you. you didn’t live with him. prince looks like sameual jackson, mj’s grandfather, Paris looks like katherine, and has her dads bone structure and I don’t even need to explain blanket hes michaels all the way and if you can’t see that you must be stupid.
    leave his kids alone, they didn’t do anything to you stupid motherfu**ers.

  162. Asteric says:

    Why Michael kept their face and wore a mask during their childhood. Its proof everything!!!

  163. noell says:

    I’d have more respect for him if he had a black kid.

  164. Shera says:

    Ok, you people pissed me the heck off with this sh**. Please get this in your HEAD, you DON’T KNOW THE MAN. You only believe what you hear the TV says because your stupid. Number 1, Michael did bleach his skin, only once because he didn’t want to look like his father. He hated his guts, how do I know this because I read his biography and La’Toya book. Then his sickness started to show. Number 2, had u people ever took biology. No one is 100% of one race. Were all mixed with something. Its possible to have 2 white parents, but a black child because somewhere along the line, they has a black ancestor. You don’t always take looks from your parents, and in Michael’s kids situation, the daughter obviously took her looks from the mother. The oldest looks mixed between both parents, and blanket does 2. Number 3, u don’t know what the man has done with his life. Don’t listen to the media because there always trying make up sh** for the public and people just wanna sue 2 make money. We don’t know, but why are we twisting our heads over something that’s not even our business?

  165. paris jackson says:

    hello guys, its paris jackson truly i m commenting first time like this, listen
    what my father was and not i do not care about it i m happy with my dad MICHAEL JACKSON and i love him
    you guys do ur own work cos i m happy with my jackson family with my two brothers and listen my bio dad is MICHAEL JOSEPH JACKSON and mama is DEBORAH JEANNE DEBBIE ROWE JACKSON and we are connected to our mama all the time by our heart i only want to know by my mama why you divorce my dad? why u left us alone? we are also a child and want a mother’s love a parent’s love we are the lonilest kids in this world
    I DO not want to say anything on this matter more plz i request u not to disturb my DAD he was already very disturbed in this world plz do my dad REST IN PEACE ALONE with memories of his children
    the year when our gramma’s father PRINCE ALBERT SCRUCE was dead prince born thats why his name is after our great grandfather
    this memory was given to us by my father THE KING OF POP
    i m sharing this to u to know u my father was innocent
    when you talk like this that my father is not ours i often and blanket often crys so

  166. Robyn says:

    Paris & Jackson Family,

    I, and Everybody loved your dad/ bro., family member for his music. Anything else was purely his personal life and Not really Any of our business. Go “Jackson” family, Thank you for your music and We all love you. Robyn

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