Michael Lohan Talks About Lindsay Before Volunteering At Homeless Shelter

’s father Michael spoke about his starlet daughter and their relationship before handing out Thanksgiving dinners at a homeless shelter in New York City the other day. “I don’t think the last few months has brought us together,” Lohan said of his healing relationship with the 21-year-old. “I think God has brought us together. We’ve always had a great relationship with each other. We’ve been as close as a father and daughter could be. Unfortunately, through my own doing, I wound up in jail for two years, and I didn’t have that contact that I had with her before. And now it’s a matter of being there as a positive influence in a positive way, instead of handling things the way I used to handle things, by going out and running from my problems by drinking, or doing coke, or messing around. Right our wrongs is paramount in my life.”

As for how Lindsay is currently doing, Michael said, “She’s doing very, very well right now as far as I’m concerned. As long as she keeps the right people, places and things in her life, and not the wrong ones, I think she’ll continue on this path and it will only bring her to a place that she can be and God wants her to be. To be a positive influence, and use her talent, abilities, and blessings in a right way. Look, we all make mistakes in our life. Lindsay is a 21-year-old kid. She’s been given a lot in life, and when there’s a lot given, there’s a lot required. Maybe she made mistakes, I made mistakes, and I don’t know you but maybe you’ve made some mistakes in your life. So who are any of us to cast stones at anybody?” Dose.ca has since removed the video at YouTube.

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