Michael Of Natural Denies Marc Is Dating Britney

Michael Johnson of checked in with fans on the group’s official website Monday. He talked about their appearances in Germany and how interviewers had been focusing on Marc Terenzi’s rumored romance with Britney Spears. Johnson said, “After the [Viva] show we did interviews, and the only questions were about Marc dating Britney Spears, which, for the record, is NOT true! When we finished the interviews we went out to the barricades to sign autographs. There were about 700 fans outside. I started signing and I was looking down when I heard a crash. I looked up and there was a stampede of girls running at me! They had broken down the barricades. We all sprinted inside really fast and waited until they got the barricades back up – then we tried to go back outside to sign. We had to go back inside though because Security said they couldn’t hold the girls back!”

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