Michael To Jermaine: Beat It, Bro

A source tells Jeannette Walls of MSNBC.com and his handlers are “pretty outraged” with Jermaine Jackson for comments he has made to the media regarding the child molestation charges against Michael. “Jermaine is not out there speaking for Michael — he’s totally hurting him,” lamented an insider. “The last thing Michael needs is for his dysfunctional family talking for him. Now people are saying he had a dislocated shoulder. He was on camera flashing a peace sign. It’s going to make Michael look like a liar. Jermaine is not as close to Michael as he wants the world to think.” Read more.

Michael Jackson’s Brother And Lawyer Appear On Larry King Live

December 18, 2003 – Michael’s attorney Mark Geragos and his brother Jermaine Jackson were on CNN’s Larry King Live on Thursday to discuss the child molestation charges that were formally filed earlier in the day. Both denied reports that Michael had joined the Nation of Islam, Geragos claimed “there’ll be repercussions” for Michael’s arrest where he was allegedly locked in a bathroom and his shoulder was separated. Check out a transcript to their hour long appearance here.

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