Michelle Branch And Santana On TRL Monday

and Santana stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday to talk about their new hit ‘Game Of Love’ and later performed the song. To wrap the broadcast, Michelle performed ‘Goodbye To You’ with Santana’s band for the first time ever, but unfortunately the show was running over so they cut it off midway through. For a transcript to their chat with Carson Daly, read on.

Carson: let me bring out my first guest the lovely singer/song writer
usually we play together and things are crazy and she has a much better
partner than me say hi to our favorite little rock star it’s michelle michelle
branch, everybody!


[Background music]

Michelle: I couldn’t find him in the crowd.


Carson: Michelle has entered the terlz dome of love for her ‘nice to
have you here. I want to start by saying i don’t want to go back in time
we have a lotta talk about you will be singing to santana qh I’m sure is
out standsing to you but i have to go to the .M.A.S when i wonhe viewer’s
choice. I saw you and you honestly were so genuinely surprised you won.
Remember like outside puffy’s party you were on the cell phone trying to
reach your parents.

Michelle: Mom, dad i d thank you i feel like such a jerk when i was
up there.

Carson: Were you genuinely surprised when you were siting there you
didn’t think they would call your name.

Michelle: Can we leave before everyone else starts walking we need our

Carson: Then you win.

Michelle: Michelle branch, like, what.

Carson: You’ve been in new york like a week. What did you do when you
are leer.

Michelle: We eat good food and we go out and relax.

Carson: Who is we your posse, friends, men


Michelle: My posse. I go out with friends we’ve been hangin’ out with
the santana guys for the past weekend


Carson: You gotta like that


Michelle: It’s been fun.

Carson: The santana guys if the audience smells, i don’t know if you
can smell the insense, which is everywhere


Carson: For you being a songwriter and great guitar player describe
how you got this call before you went to chicago to shoot the video to
even work with santana what was it like for you.

Michelle: I was minding my own business on tour and got this phone call
and my manager said would you be interested puting a vocal on carlos’s
new record.

Carson: Like would you say no.

Michelle: I dropped everything i think and ran like a nut in the hotel
room like my god, my god. He’s like you have to keep it a secret and i
was like oh, no it was horrible but I’m so excited and feel so blessed
to be able to work with him.

Carson: For you it is perfect like if Britney got called by madonna
but you are a singer a song writer congratulations to you they will perform
on the show “game of love” in a second. I know you are in L.A. Recording
the new album or still writing.

Michelle: I’m making the new record, about 6 songs in. It’s really exciting
scott weiland workin’ with me and dave navarra, all these wd simultaneously


Carson: Good for you will you try to make it harder or different than
“the spirit room”.

Michelle: I’ve grown up a lot my last record I wrote when i was 14.
I’m 19 now i think all this stuff is more exciting to sing about and write

Carson: Michelle and santana will perform. We have to take a break.
“The game of love” the song they’ll do here on the rest of your top 10
videos, david boreanaz there’s santana and we’ll chat with him when we
get back, after this:


Carson: And welcome back, live if new york. Carson with you, the top
10 most requested videos, chattin’ with Michelle Branch, david boreanaz
is in the back we’ll bring him out and continue with your music videos
in a bit. Michelle joins me you in and honored to say for the first time
ever on this program a man who needs no introduction we are thrilled to
have here carlos santana joins us. Hi, carlos


Carson: Nice to have you here.

Santana: ‘Nice to be here.

Carson: Thank you very much. Your i believe 37th record comes out tomorrow.
Congratulations on that


Carson: You can imagine can you say, michelle my 37th record.

Michelle: I can’t even imagine. I can’t even believe we are standing
here with santana.

Carson: It is crazy. After so many records where do you find your inspiration?

Santana: Uhm, from life basically there’s a lot of things to draw from
but it’s always the inner stuff, you know spiritual books, children


Santana:  Purity in a sense there is a lot of beauty on this planet

we focus on it, an ocean, fiel of flowers everything that is natural
and normal that’s not plastic or synthetic but inner stuff.

Carson: You describe everything we don’t have here in new york. You
must be talking about california. And one of the great things you do is
you are open to incorporating the new music of upand coming musicians you’ve
been able to do and in an interesting way aside from michelle there a great
track called “america” from P.O.D., Incorporating your signature sound
but allow the other artists it sounds a P.O.D. Song incorporated with you.
What is it like to work with these other artists.

Santana: I love the energy, people like metallica, P.O.D. I grew up
with this energy, jimmy hendrixx, cream, all this energy is not new to
me but I’m honored and grateful people have the graciousnes to share it
with me.

Carson: Of course they are freakin’ out you even know who they are.
How did this come about, did you rig song directly, when did michelle come
the picture?

Santana: it was for me because i had never done a project I had not
written before. I just got the call to come in and sing and it was just
really like such — i was so amazed when i got the call it was so unexpected.
I don’t know if this we all sitting around like what’s that
girl doing I don’t know how it came about but i was like wow.

Carson: You did a great job. You deserved to be there it was awesome.

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