Michelle Branch Disses Vanessa Carlton

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Apparently Michelle Branch’s momma didn’t teach her better than that because she seems to have posted negative comments about in the official part of her internet forum on Sunday 3/17/02. The negative comment was reported in Q & A form as follows:

Q. Do you like Vanessa Carlton?

A. Not one fu**ing bit”

The lengthy post was quickly removed, but one piece of incriminating evidence remained, an additional thread posted by Michelle that day:

Needless to say, this had the usually yawner of a forum in an uproar with the Michelle fans divided into two basic camps:

Camp 1 : “Michelle would never say anything like that. It must have been a hacker….” These fans would be the most disappointed if Michelle admitted she posted the offending message.

Camp 2: “It’s great that Michelle has an opinion, that she expresses herself….” These sheep would jump off a bridge if Michelle asked them to do so.

As of this moment, there is no official explanation for the post or why it was deleted.

Posts Travel Update, Tour Hints

March 17, 2002 – posted on her official site’s message board on Saturday night, “Hey, I just found out that I’ll be in the UK for two weeks in May. I’ll be all over Europe. This summer I’ll be traveling to Japan and Australia. I’ll also be doing radio concerts until I go on tour in June. I might be on the last leg of the DMB tour this summer. Travis, Coldplay, and Alanis are other possibilities. We’ll see. By fall, I hope to be headlining. That would be crazy. Anyway, I’m really excited about doing Late World with Zack on VH1. It airs on March 25th. More details to come. It was my bros birthday today; he’s twelve. He’s a mini man.”

Vanessa Carlton ‘Fu**in’ Excited’ About New Album

March 16, 2002 – Vanessa updated fans on her official site message board on Friday concerning her new album ”Be Not Nobody’ where she used the ‘f’ word in the process. Vanessa wrote, “Hey guys, I know you all have about a month before you can listen to what I am listening to right now, but I am so fu**in’ excited about this album! It is perhaps the most pure thing I have ever done in my whole life. It is from the heart and it is real. I am counting the days until you all can experience this. Much much love.”

Vanessa Carlton Loves Her Fans Range Of Musical Taste

March 15, 2002 – Vanessa said to fans on her official site message board Thursday night, “I just think you should know that some of you guys are so hilarious. Anyways, I love that you all listen to such a range of music. From punk to jazz to pop. Cool. Diversity is oh so much better!”

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2 thoughts on “Michelle Branch Disses Vanessa Carlton

  1. Jules says:

    You’ve got this all wrong. She was not “dissing” Vanessa. Everyone has their own opinions and likes in music, and Michelle doesn’t like Vanessa Carlton – that’s just fine. She said “not one f**king bit” because she saw at Vanessa’s message board that Vanessa said “I am so f**king excited about my album!”, so Michelle used her bit of sarcasm and said that. She said all this herself at her message boards when she posted “clearing the air”.

    Be Real.

  2. joseph says:

    “Michelle would never say anything like that. It must have been a hacker….” These fans would be the most disappointed if Michelle admitted she posted the offending message.

    um…actually she did say she wrote that, go read her previous posting in the “official” section. As jules said, she even explained what she meant exactly when she said it, and apologized for it and to those that were offended.

    Learn how to do a follow-up.

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