Michelle Branch Gets Friendly With Fans

Amanda Hase of Butler University’s DawgNet newspaper reviewed Michelle Branch’s concert at Clowes Memorial Hall last Tuesday evening (October 21). Hase writes, “As this tour helps to kick-off sales of her new album, it will be interesting to watch the unfolding of Branch’s career. As many of her newer songs from Hotel Room have a different sound than her first album and are more ballads, it will be interesting to see if this 20-year-old’s fans follow her along. With a great start to her tour last night, and an amazing encore performance of her newest hit, ‘Are You Happy Now’ I would guess the answer will be yes.”

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3 thoughts on “Michelle Branch Gets Friendly With Fans

  1. mel_melanie says:

    Sorry to say but Michelle sucks I couldn’t even understand what she was singing or trying to sing, all I heard was “breathe” she needs to learn how to at say the words more clearer because she mumbles it.

    Oh yeah and I’m talking bout the RMA’s last night

  2. tinkerbell86 says:

    OMG she sucked so bad last night..what good is soundcheck if your gonna sound like Britney Spears trying to sing live.

  3. mslin says:

    Michelle has never been an A+ singer when it comes to TV appearances….I don’t think she feels comfortable…….and sometimes the sound setup isn’t even that good…not to mention she doesn’t even like the song Breathe, her label pretty much made her release it…….and that is a very hard song to sing…….But I’ll admit it wasn’t that good………. But if you download any bootleg mp3 you will find Michelle is an amazing performer…….her acoustic performances are awesome So I suggest you check out some bootlegs, before disregarding her totally…… On a side note……….at lest she sings live….unlike Britney, and at lest she has the talent to write her own stuff.

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