Michelle Branch ‘Hotel Paper’ Acoustic Performance

’s latest Tuesday Morning video is now available, featuring the singer songwriter performing an acoustic version of ‘Hotel Paper’. “I was on tour travelling a lot, and at the time I was on the road with about 12-13-14 guys, and I was the only girl,” Branch explained. “I was underaged for have of the tour and depending on what country we were in, so I was alone in hotel rooms a lot. When I was writing all my songs with a different hotel stationary packets that you get with the room. So I would take the hotel shampoo bottles and hotel stationary. It’s kind of cool I saved a lot of the lyrics and you can go back and see where I wrote each song because it says so on the letterhead. So I ended up writing the song toward the end of writing for this album and I named it ‘Hotel Paper’ for obvious reasons.” Watch it via YouTube below.

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