Michelle Branch In An Internet Junky

tells Launch.com that she’s a big fan of the internet, and worked hard making a name for herself online before hitting the big time with Maverick Records. “I’m an Internet junky, and before I got signed and got all this, I wanted to get my music out there,” she explained. “I live in a small town and I didn’t have a big fanbase. And we had demos that I recorded and made MP3s of and I put them up on the website. I sent them to this girl who heard them and said that she did site design and she said, ‘I’ll do your site for the cost of the CD.’ And I was like, ‘I can do that.’ So we made the site, put up the MP3s, and I went to sites of bands that I liked or had the same audience I was trying to get and went on their message board: ‘Come listen to my MP3s.’ I did that for a long time; I would be on the Internet all the time. And I was getting email and calls from people from Italy and Germany and Australia and people who’ve never seen me live but had heard my music and really liked it, and the fanbase kept growing and growing.”

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