Michelle Branch On Christina Aguilera

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This morning on Rick Dees’ radio show, was being interviewed by Rick. He was asking her about the music industry and how there is so much female competition. He later started talking about Christina saying, “Christina worries me a little because she’s got such an amazing voice but now shes got this ‘dirrty’ image that people are talking about. Michelle, would you ever consider working with Christina Aguilera?” Michelle said, “Yes, Christina does have an amazing voice. I would love to work with her if the song worked with both our voices.”

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8 thoughts on “Michelle Branch On Christina Aguilera

  1. BringMeToLifee says:

    LOL! You are the pathetic soul.. you waste your miserable life loving Tina, which you need to seek help for your sad ass.

  2. RedHottx-TinaFan says:

    ok I will apologize when you learn how to spell and I wasn’t talking bout this exact article I’ve seen you in a Christina article before and I am not a nasty whore you just wish I was and if I feel like liking Christina that none of your business. I don’t give you flack for liking Britney its just you go in Christina’s articles EVERY TIME and post a comment that doesn’t make sense and makes you look like an a-hole cause you you act like a fifth grader

  3. Stallion says:

    You are the best. Your comments are so funny. Much love to you. Christina Aguilera was my first concert ever and it was the best. I saw her two time. I agree with you on whatever you have to say about Christina.

  4. AbsTan says:

    That’s kind of Michelle to say that and she was positively correct

  5. tena says:

    I think if they both are professional about it then it won’t be a competition, and it takes more talent to sing with someone than oversing them. Let’s see Christina pull that off.

  6. dogs_makemesneeze says:

    grprincess,you are everything that is wrong with America these days..and I was always told that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and to say Christina isn’t beautiful just cause she’s not stick-thin anymore is barbaric..

  7. music09 says:

    That was misquoted. What she actually said was “She has an incredible voice. It really depends on the song & the situation. I wouldn’t rule it out, but it could be interesting if it’s a good song.” For those that think Christina Aguilera can’t sing get your ears checked. Everyone may not like her songs, but she can definitely sing.

  8. kiki says:

    Michelle has a point there. Christina Aguilera really worries me sometimes, she does have this amazing voice and her voice should stand out as a tool for this music industry but she thinks that having this dirrty image that is popularity.

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