Michelle Branch On Last Call With Carson Daly

was on Last Call with Carson Daly on Tuesday (Wednesday morning). Branch performed ‘Stewart’s Coat’ and spoke with Carson about how she ended up working with Carlos Santana and an interesting story about going to an Aerosmith concert and being called out on stage by frontman Steven Tyler. For a transcript, read on.

Carson: Hi, how are you? Welcome back. Michelle branch is here.
Every time I’ve been with michelle — I have had the good fortune of being
around and watching her career grow over the past 45 years — no, it’s
been like a year. But you remember when you played in the conference room
at mtv?

Michelle: I remember that. I remember that. I remember walking in and
was like, “oh my god, that’s carson daly from ‘trl,’ and I’m playing in
front of him.” It was fun.

Carson: “What a loser. What is he doing here?”

[ Laughter ]

Michelle: No.

Carson: And then more recently you won at the video music awards, and
now you are running around with santana. How awesome is that?

Michelle: I am. I .

[ Cheers and applause ] I keep thinking, “I wonder if this is my peak?”
I’m with carlos and — ’cause I can’t really imagine it could geanany better
than running around with carlos santana.

Carson: Right.

Michelle: But I’m having so much fun.

Carson: You get the call to work with him, and you just freak out, right?
I mean, you just think, “this is it.”

Michelle: I was — I was ecstatic. I was, you know — he is one of my
heroes, so to be asked to be a part of a soith such a legend, which is
definitely extremely flattering.

Carson: I heard you met another one of your favorite rock people?

Michelle: I did. I am a huge aerosmith fan.

[ Cheers and applause ] And I went to their concert in cleveland, ohio,
when I was on tour.

[ A man cheers ]

[ Light laughter ]

Carson: There’s a guy from cleveland her

Michelle: Yeah, and it was great and cool. Nice to see you. So steven
and I met, actually, before the show, and we’re backstage talking, and
I was just — I mean, it was — it was actually a little more exciting
than meeting you in the conference room.

Carson: Of coof course.

[ Laughter ] You don’t have to console me when you say that. I agree,

Michelle: And he goes, “where you sitting?” And I said “fourth row.”
So, in the middle of the concert, he goes, “michelle –” and I’m like —

Carson: Like in the microphone?

Michelle: Yeah, and he goes, “ladies and gentlemen, Michelle Branch
is in the house.” And I’m just like, “oh,

[ Bleep ].”

[ Laughter ]

Carson: Oh, wow.

Michelle: I was like, “what is going on?”

Carson: That is awesome.

Michelle: Yeah, and he goes — he plays the song “pink,” and at the
end he has his harmonica, and he goes and he tosses it to me. And it’s
the perfect throw. It would have landed in my lap, and this — am I allowed
to say ass [ Bleep ] On tv?

Carson: Yeah, whatever.

[ Laughter ]

Michelle: Well, this ass [ Bleep ] In front of me just reaches up and
grabs the harmonica and takes it from me. And I almost got killed in the
front of the aerosmith concert for fighting.

Carson: Don’t you have like a bodyguard who could have tackled this

Michelle: No, I was by myself, and he was a big guy. And it’s on ebay.
I know it’s on ebay.

[ Laughter ] And I am completely sad about it.

Carson: We’ll look, and we’ll bu back for you.

Michelle: All right, thank you.

Carson: It’s cool, ’cause michelle was just nice enough to swing by.
She has done this show before. And there is another great story. Was this
song — this is a song off your independent record.

Michelle: This is a song off my indie album.

[ Cheers and applause ] And I have just fallen in love with it. And
it was — it was, you know, on the record that got me signed.

Carson: Allht, listen, you have thousands of, you know — you have a
couple of huge hits right now, which is always great, hear them all the
time. But it’s cool that you’re gonna do something different.

Michelle: It’s nice, it’s nice. Thanks for having me.

Carson: And we appreciate it. Here’s Michelle Branch, everybody.


[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: Yeah!

Michelle: Thank you.

Carson: Michelle branch, everybody. We’ll be right back, right after

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: Welcome back. Is it too early to start thinngng about the next
record? Are you — are you writing on the road?

Michelle: No, it’s not.

Carson: Are you actually in production for it?

Michelle: I’m actually — I have about six songs already finished for
the new record. It’s very exciting because I’m working with a lot of people
who I think you guys normally wouldn’t associate with me. Scott weiland
is gonna produce some tracks.

Carson: Oh, that’s cool.

[ Applause ]

Michelle: I’m a huge fan of his. And also dave navarro’s putting some

Carson: And dave navarro? They let you alone with scott weiland and
dave navarro?

Michelle: It hasn’t happened yet. So, I’m gonna, you know, remember
the D.A.R.E. Program when I’m working with them.

[ Laughter ]

Carson: Just say no, michelle.

Michelle: Just say no. Just say no, right?

Carson: Exactly.

Michelle: But it should be really good. I’m very excited to be working
with the rock guys. So —

Carson: Well, good. It’s great. You know, when we first met, not a lot
of young artists were actually writing their own songs. What a novelty
concept? And it’s great that you’ve, I think, started a new trend for a
lot of artists.

[ Cheers and applause ] It’s great to have you on, as always. Michelle
branch, everybody.

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