Michelle Branch On TRL Thursday

Michelle Branch stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Thursday to debut your new video ‘Goodbye to You’. Michelle talked more about the joke they played on her making the video, and the fact that yesterday was the one-year anniversary of ‘The Spirit Room’ being released. Read on for a transcript.

Carson: Let me bring out our first guest, our only guest, actually
today, up 3, mtv video music awards this year and quite frankly deserves
all of them. Always nice to have Michelle Branch on the show. Michelle?


Carson: How are ya.

Michelle: Good and you.

Carson: It is crazy. You was thinkin’ about you earlier today when I
was takin’ the subway here to times square and it was like a year ago this
month your record came out.

Michelle: Yesterday was my one-year anniversary.

Carson: I was right, a year ago yesterday.

Michelle: Yeah. Who would have thought, you know I’m back.

Carson: Who would have thought an insane year. I remember you singing
here at mtv upstairs. How do you even sum up like the year?

Michelle: You know what, I can’t even believe it’s only been a year.
I look back and feel I’ve learned so much and I’ve been through so much
and, you know, it’s only been a year. I’m great, whatt is –.

Carson: Up for thr mtv video music awards this year august 29th at 8
P.M.. “everywhere” up for viewer’s choice award and two others which is

Michelle: Thank you


Carson: Have you been to our V.M.A.S before.

Michelle: I was tre last year in the bloody nose section.

Carson: Right.

Michelle: I went and was way, way up goin’ I think that’s Britney Spears
down there. I don’t know it is a blond dot, ha-ha.

Carson: And it was justin timberlake.

Michelle: Yeah


Carson: And last — how are ya? ‘Nice to see ya we’ll be here all week
last year could you fathom now you are like the “it” group cruisin’ down
the carpet and up for three.

Michelle: I know.

Carson: What are you wearing.

Michelle: Who knows. I may wear this again thank you thank you I have
no idea. I guess I have to start thinking about that. Great you made me

Carson: You have to start worrying.

Michelle: What are you wearing.

Carson: I’m thinkin’ about borrowing this.

Michelle: Cool.

Carson: That would be disgusting we have a new segment called “pre-rl”
we thumb through so many music videos, people ask how they get on, et cetera,
et cetera. We wanted to create something. Every now and then there is an
artist that comes along we feel will be big on trl. That’s the case of
the artist we picked today and you have a relationship with this artist.

Michelle: I do. I’m very excited I get a chance to show them today.

Carson: It is a band not a guy named justin.

Michelle: Actually it is.

Carson: But it is justin case.

Michelle: I know they are watching so hi, nick, justin and hanna. They
are friends of mine. We met before either of us had a record deal, both
in a music conference in las vegas and we both, you know, were the only
16 year-old kid’s walkin’ arouith guitars there so we made friends quickly
and they showcased in L.A.. I told everyone about them.

Carson: You helped them get their deal and co-wrote this song right.

Michelle: I co-wrote this song, their fi single.

Carson: Let’s just show everybody.

Michelle: Cool.

Carson: We love it here and ink it will be great.

Michelle: I love it.

Carson: This works out nicely “pre-rl” today called justincase “don’t
cry for us” and Michelle Branch is here with us so, guys, here is your
video on trl today. Enjoy.


Carson: I think it is hard to judge for the very first time but if you
liked it research it and go on lin

Michelle: How exciting.

Carson: our “pre-rl”. We have to take a break. Don’t move.

Michelle: All right.

Carson: This is not a tablecloth.

Michelle: It is not, ha-ha.

Carson: More of Michelle Branch in fact “goodbye to you” we’ll have
that and lots to talk about her, a very busy young lady and she is up for
the V.M.A.S and eminem trying to fend off b2k and 3lw we’ll be right back
you are watchin’ trl on mtv live in new york


Carson: Yeah. Snoop dog will be hereday with matthew perry and of course
“american idol” Monday continues R.J. Hehton will be here. Obviously michelle
branch is here talkin’ about her being up for three mtv video music awards
this year august 29th here in new york radio city music hall jimmy fallon,
here yesterday, will be hosting. We have the new video and so many fans
in times square is quddus with one of them. Quddus.

Quddus: I’m with ali from new jersey. What do you love most about her

Fan: I think she’s a really great artist and writes her own stuff, really
original and I respect that I think she is really inspiring.

Michelle: Thank you! Thank you very much


Fan: You are welcome. I heard a rum more about you starring in a new
movie with adam sandler.

Michelle: This is true.

Fan: Okay. I was going to ask if you have any other plans for acting.

Michelle: I was in a of vee called “hot chick” with rob scneider and
he is really — never mind I won’t get into it. I don’t really act I’m
a D.J. For like 5 seconds in the video — or the movie. I actually just
was on a show for N.B.C. Called “american dreams” playing leslie gore and
sang on “american bandstand” actually.

Carson: How was that.

Michelle: Really cool and G.I’m not planning on actin’. As you see everything
I’ve done is related to music I think I’m really bad at actin’ so I’m not
going to do it, ha-ha “crossroads 2”.

Fan: I’m sure you are a great. Can we come up, we are really big plans.

Michelle: Oh, come up. Wait where is the pizza. If it did that would
be a plus. No, come on up.

Carson: 30 dollars a head. Come on up.

Michelle: Ha-ha.

Carson: That’s nice of you to invite them up. We’ll get to the video
in a second. I have to continue and keep the request ball rolling it is
kylie minogue “love at first sight” video 4 if you keepin’ track of the
math at home and we’ll have more with Michelle Branch after this


Carson: — Getting into the top 3 for a second. The video is “good girl”
off the “spirit room” from this young lady right here Michelle Branch.
We did an mtv making the videos where we show you how the videos get put
together but something happened during yours they played an evil trick
on you.

Michelle: You did! No, we were playing practical jokes on each other
on the set and peckin’ at each other. Obviously I’ve been on trl before
with the blue guitar, my favorite in the world.

Carson: You gave me the green one.

Michelle: I gave you the green one. They called in for my guitar to
come in to shoot the next scene and the assistant was running because everything
was yelling at and he tripped and dropped it and it went smashing everywhere
and I turned and saw guitar bits flying everywhere.

Carson: You have to understand it is her baby.

Michelle: The first guitar I got for myself.

Carson: Were you freakin’ out.

Michelle: They editing cussin’ at him and everyone like a sail lor.
I was crying almost. Michelle it’s a joke, a joke. I was like what?

Carson: Roll down the footage.

Michelle: Can we get the guitar in, please.

Michelle: I can’t even watch it again.

Carson: What kind of actin’ is that he slammed the guitar down.

Michelle: Oh, my god I’m going to cry that’s the guitar

Michelle: See I’m crying.

Carson: What an awful trick.

Michelle: How embarrassing.

Carson: Let’s watch this!


Carson: Havin’ a little fun with ya.

Michelle: It was fun.

Carson: A Michelle Branch diva moment.

Michelle: I have to do another video with them I’m still trying to see
what I will do to them the next time I see them.

Carson: Let’s get into this we want to show the whole damn thing. 10

Michelle: One of the most personal songs on the record and this video
was just a lot of fun to make, kind of taken from the movie “momento” where
we got our inson, kind of backwards.

Carson: A big song off the record “goodbye to you” trl premiere from
Michelle Branch enjoy it right now on mtv


Carson: A monster song from Michelle Branch “goodbye to you” call if
you would like to vote for that. Very cool video, good lookin’ video.

Michelle: Thank you. Thanks.

Carson: You’ve come a long way in a year.

Michelle: We did. We have.

Carson: Congratulations again we’ll let you run I know you are busy
three video music awards.

Michelle: All right.

Carson: Soo see you that night. You are going on the road with sheryl

Michelle: I am so excited.

Carson: This fall.

Michelle: Starts in a month.

Carson: Sisterhood bondin’.

Michelle: A little.

Carson: Michelle branch, everybody


Michelle: Thank you.

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