Michelle Branch Opened Doors For Avril & Vanessa

HitsDailyDouble.com spoke with The Firm’s Jeff Rabhan, who manages Michelle Branch, on the singer’s success despite an initial resistance from both radio and retail, and how that success has opened doors for artists such as and Avril Lavigne. “I think that Michelle has opened up a lot of doors for these artists,” says Rabhan. “When her first single came out, radio wasn’t interested in playing these kinds of artists. I think that she really has kicked the door open for Vanessa and Avril and, hopefully, for many more to come.”

Arista Boss Hypes

June 19, 2002 – Antonio ‘L.A.’ Reid, president/CEO of Arista talked about his latest artist success with to Billboard.com. Reid said, “She’s a great singer and songwriter. She has a relevancy to people her age. She has a point of view kids can identify with.” As for her ability to attract fans of Britney Spears, he said, “Britney’s like a fantasy; every [teenage] girl wants to be like her. With Avril, there are so many girls who are actually her.”

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6 thoughts on “Michelle Branch Opened Doors For Avril & Vanessa

  1. MacKenzie says:

    ok first off Vanessa and Avril are way better than Michelle Branch… Avril is so more successful than Michelle… if Michelle opened doors for these artists then why are they doing so much better than her?

  2. SportySpice71 says:

    I love “A Thousand Miles”…but Vanessa Carlton cannot sing live. Michelle Branch has, like, three songs from the CD that I even think are worth listening to, but she does sound good live. Her CD Just sucks.
    Avril, on the other hand…is a new artist and kicks major ass. Michelle didn’t open any doors for her, she broke down the damn door all by herself.

  3. LovelyPoet says:

    Oh please. The doors were been kicked off the hinges a long time ago. Michelle did nothing new or different, she just happened to come along at a time when the popular music cycle was coming back around to singer-songwriters as the prominent marketing tool. If there was resistance to playing her, maybe it’s because she’s not that good in comparison to the other options of the same genre.

    Jeff Rabhan and Michelle both need a reality check as to just how small her influence on the music work is.

  4. jimmyp says:

    I mean shut-up.. Only Vanessa’s song a thousand miles is good even though she isn’t the greatest voice. Hell Michelle Branch isn’t even guaranteed to have another album.. Her album still isn’t platinum and its been out for like a year.

  5. AnthonyC0321 says:

    HAHA, there’s a way to make yourself sound smart! Uh…Michelle went platinum in April! And she is already working on her second record…
    by the way, The Spirit Room has only been out for about 10 months…basically a year…but oh, well its doing VERY WELL!

    Vanessa definitely cannot sing live…I’m thinking maybe 2 hit wonder…Ordinary Day is the 2nd single and its pretty good! And if Twilight is released then you can forget what i said about the 2 hit wonder thing… ANd unless a new record comes out soon, uh…Good Luck to her!
    And before you trash Michelle’s record…
    I want you hear Vanessa’s record??
    On Avril…she is going for PUNK i don’t think she wanted to target the pop audience… When I see her video all i see is a girl that is trying WAY too hard to get people to think she is cool! But Hey, the single is awesome! And the record is great, I definitely didn’t expect it to be that good!
    Now, on Michelle!
    The music industry is going back to getting singer/songwriter’s out there! If you see Michelle was the first to hit it in the POP genre in the last year! We got Alicia Keys but that is R&B and definitely didn’t target pop audiences!Since “the spirit room’s” release and successes! There are now 3 new MAJOR singer/songwriters out!
    Vanessa Carlton
    John Mayer
    Avril Lavigne
    And now we get a pop group that writes and play’s there own instruments…
    *justincase (just see, they’ll be huge!)
    So, you’re telling me that Michelle had nothing to do with this??

  6. k_yip150 says:

    Hey, better than other artists who have taken 15 years to become platinum. She’s doing pretty well here in the States…she has sold 2 million records+ already…You should get a reality check. Do your math correctly. What world have you been living in? She went platinum back in April and went platinum in Japan. So that’s 2 million records, plus the amount that she has been selling every week since she got platinum…

    In fact, Avril wouldn’t even BE on TRL, all those countdowns, be the talk of the century on some message boards if Michelle hadn’t mentioned she liked Avril’s music. She couldn’t have sold 60,000 or whatever in one week…In fact, I bought Avril’s CD because Michelle mentioned her and I downloaded “Complicated” to listen to it. In fact, many board members did buy her CD. If you search back into Michelle’s official postings on her message board, you will see she mentioned that she liked Avril a lot.

    And it is true. No one wanted to play “Everywhere” on the radios when the single was released. Everyone was still in the Britney and boy bands era. She couldn’t get it to be played anywhere, until a Detroit radio station agreed to play her song.


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