Michelle Branch Phones Into TRL Wednesday

Michelle Branch phoned into MTV’s Total Request Live on Wednesday for a special edition to remember September 11, 2001. Michelle is on tour with Sheryl Crow and talked with Carson Daly and John Norris about it being a “very strange vibe today” even when she’s in Ohio. Branch says they decided to make today an unofficial holiday on the tour. Read on for a transcript.

John Norris: Absolutely. The rest of the mtv family standing by
taking your calls we’ll sget to them in a second but meantime we’ll talk
to some artists in fact Michelle Branch is on the phone right now how are
you doin’.

Michelle Branch: Good how are you guys doin’.

John Norris: Pretty good.

John Norris: How is the day for you and you are doing anything special
to commemorate the day.

Michelle Branch: You know, I just I took the day off I’m on tour with
Sheryl Crow right now in ohio and it was a little strange. I was really
anxious last night before I was going to bed you know I’m trying to avoid
watching any footage on the television but just, uhm, it’s a day that,
you know, everyone — you know, no one can hide from it. Everyone went
through it together and so you kind of as you are walkin’ around you can
tell that everyone has in the back of their minds; it’s just — a very
strange vibe today.

Carson Daly: Even in ohio where you are now.

Michelle Branch: Even in ohio.

Carson Daly: Did you have a show planned that you took off in purpose.

Michelle Branch: We called it an unofficial holiday and didn’t want
to play a show today kind of you know trying to take –.

Carson Daly: What is sheryl’s demeanor if you don’t mind us asking.

Michelle Branch: You are notice we are all kind of — last night we
were actually playin’ a show and fireworks were going off nearby and we
didn’t know it was fireworks we saw this light in the sky and everyone
kinda panicked like what’s going on and kinda had to laugh a bit. It is
horrible we had to freak out because of the fireworks, we didn’t know what
it was but kind of very — wearin’ our American flag last night while we
are playin’ and, uhm, it’s — it’s just really, really crazy to, uhm, you
know, know — now I know, I’m younger and now I really every time I see
an american flag I feel like I know what it’s like to an American now and
how special that is.

John Norris: Michelle it is john. I know you are workin’ on songs for
next record.

Michelle Branch: Yeah.

John Norris: Do you expect any of this the events of last year or the
9-11 will impact any what you are writing for your next album?

Michelle Branch: I think that as a writer and as an artist, as a person,
uhm, something like this, you know, it has to have affected you in some
way and, uhm I’m not gonna specifically go out and try to write about it
but I know even if I haven’t really realized yet it has affected me and
my writing probably will reflect some of those emotions but, you know,
I’m not going to go out and try to you know write a record about it.

Carson Daly: It is probably unavoidable. Thanks for calling in and best
of luck on tour. Best to sheryl as well

Michelle Branch: thanks.

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