Michelle Branch Threw A Fit, Wasn’t Sick

According to a posting at Michelle Branch’s official forum, the singer was not sick when cancelling a gig at Southern Connnecticut State University on Monday night. skmodifieds writes, “I would hate to burst your bubbles people, but Michelle is not sick. She was throwing a fit yesterday afternoon on stage because the ‘sound was off.’ She’s mad because Maverick is making her do this tour and she didn’t want to. Those people came out on stage and said that Michelle wanted to come out and say she was sorry herself, but she couldn’t because she couldn’t speak, that was a bunch of bull. She wasn’t even in [Connnecticut], she was already in [New York], and I can tell you, her voice was fine, she was speaking perfectly. So for all of you who are saying that she needs to feel better, you should be telling her that she should appreciate her fans more like Rooney. They knew in the afternoon she wasn’t going to perform, so instead of making her fans sit there for hours, they should have cancelled the show in the afternoon.” The thread has since been deleted and the Branch fans are claiming the report was fabricated by an upset Rooney fan.

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One thought on “Michelle Branch Threw A Fit, Wasn’t Sick

  1. Rich says:

    That was not bull! Michelle Branch was really sick that night. She had the flu and could barely speak. She was never in New York, as she was in Rhode Island, at URI Ryan center 2 days later, barely able to do her show. She was so bad off, she came close to canceling the show, but had her friend Jessica Harp sit in with her to help her out on vocals and playing. Hence the Homewreckers were born in Rhode Island on April 29,2004, now The Wreckers!

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