Michelle McManus Wins ‘Pop Idol’

has won the second season of ‘Pop Idol’. The 23-year-old edged out Mark Rhodes in Saturday night’s finale.

Wiping away the tears, Michelle blubbed: “To everyone who said I couldn’t do it, well, I’ve done it.”

Asked about her image, the size 20 singer replied: “I am very, very comfortable within myself. People find that quite difficult to deal with.”

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3 Responses to Michelle McManus Wins ‘Pop Idol’

  1. Hotstar says:

    Oh man those poor British people have been dealing with this Idol sh** longer than anyone else. Hoepfully these shows will get cancelled soon. I just hope this girl is more talented and less annoying than all the other people from these shows have been.

  2. fingJTallnightlong says:

    ok michelle, the number one person on your thank you list should be Justin Timberlake for passing the word that you are great. just kidding good for her. very glad she doesn’t intend to turn into all plastic barbie girl (like a certain skanky whore)now that she’s famous.

  3. rangergirl says:

    I guess she’s the English woman equivalent of Ruben. Good luck to her.

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