Mick Jagger Blasts Bashir’s ‘Awful’ Documentary

Mick Jagger did an interview with the Austalian Today Show on Saturday and was asked about the documentary by Martin Bashir. “That Martin Bashir is absolutely ghastly,” the Rolling Stones frontman opined. “Just awful, absolutely awful!” He added, “The American version was even worse because Barbara Walters would add her comments before the commercial break… It was awful! It was compelling! Compellingly awful!”

Alleged Jacko Victim Blames His Mother

March 3, 2003 – The National Enquirer reports Jordy Chandler, the 13-year-old boy that claims he never molested, was so shattered by the scandal — blaming his mother for being molested — that he has not spoken to his mom in 10 years. A source revealed, “If the boy disowned his mother since then, and still is not speaking to her, it’s very telling — it means that it was never extortion.” Jordy’s uncle Ray Chandler added, “For me personally, it’s always been a tug of war between letting the public know the truth and keeping everything under wraps for the sake of my nephew and my brother. There are very few people who know the whole story — not just specific molestation allegations but how it all came about, and how Michael’s people covered it up afterward.”

Michael Jackson’s Plan To Flee America

March 3, 2003 – Star magazine reports Michael is making plans to escape possible child-abuse charges by leaving Neverland Ranch and moving to a new “fortress-style” chateau in France. “He even named his daughter after the French capital (Paris) because it’s the country he’d most love to live in,” a source says. “And most importantly, there’s a Disneyland nearby.”

Jackson Fans Take A Stand For All Artists

March 3, 2003 – Contributed by justice-prevailed: A new organization named, A.B.U.G. (Above Board, Under Ground) are setting out to defend artists such as from slander and inaccuracy of reported information. Here is an extract of their statement: “We the people of the world, in an effort to reclaim our right to privacy declare our commitment that slander and abuse of all, but in particular the famous and public figures in our lands, shall not go unchallenged. We come together to seek positive change, in harmony with the laws of our countries, our regions, and our cities. We meet in the open for all to see and hear our discussions and plans. We hold as self-evident, that all men, women and children deserve privacy in their homes, in their travels and in their safety from exploitation and unauthorized use of photos, inaccuracy in publication and harassment by persons of the press or individuals.”

Jackson Plots Next Move

February 28, 2003 – Though Michael Jackson and a small crew of advisers are focusing the majority of their efforts on damage control, they tell RollingStone.com that they aren’t stopping there. “We’re operating in three modes,” an inner-circle source revealed. “First, get ahold of the crisis and get the truth out. Then, focus on his music career. Third, we need to map out his next couple of years and the long-term plan. Obviously, that first part is taking up most of our time.”

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