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Anthony Ladao, Colton Rudloff, Eric Secharia, Joey Diggs, and Thomas Augusto of checked in with the Los Angeles pop group’s Twitter followers (@ItsMidnightRed) over the weekend, offering fun facts about themselves and the band. Among them…


Anthony and I once scared Thomas so bad he fell down a set of stairs
I remember thinking I was so cool when I was allowed to stay home alone. Dork.
Marco-Polo is still one of my favorite played games. MARCO!…


I LOVE the Debbie fudge brownies with English walnuts!
I would date a fan
I have a dog named rabbit :-)


Going skinny dipping in a lake is on my bucket list
Dexters Laboratory was one of my fav cartoons growing up.


I love Tom & Jerry cartoon
I want to try out for America Ninja Warrior one day!
My little brother (Tyler) and best friend (Khalil) are in our HELL YEAH video


I love cruiser motor cycles
My tattoo on my arm is a symbol for how I believe all people are equal
People at subway by my house know my usual order


We like being the new group, the underdogs. Gives us something to shoot for. We are just getting started.

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2 thoughts on “Midnight Red Fun Facts

  1. jamie pinkham says:

    Hi guys big fan love u guys I’m a big fan u Anthony got a message for it says love you Anthony

  2. RedHead Fo Life says:

    Eric, Joey, Thomas, and Anthony please follow me on twitter Colton already did now it’s your turn please!!!!!!! Love u all with every oz of my heart. READHEAD FOR LIFE!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX Te Amo to u all. Quiero un a conversacion tweet back please!

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