Mika Thanks Fans For ‘Incredible’ Birthday Gift

Mika in a jacket

After turning 24 on Saturday (August 18), Mika posted the following message to fans on his blog at MySpace (@mikamyspace) on Tuesday (August 21):

Mika birthday messages…thank you

I want to say thank you for the totally incredible gift that so many of you made for me and to those who put it all together. I was completely surprised to find your massive box in my dressing room at V this weekend. The amount of work put in and the standard of all you drawings, cuttings and designs amazed me. I am really touched by what all of you at MFC have done and want you to know that in no way is it unnoticed or unappreciated. Thank you so much again. Definitely the best birthday gift I’ve ever received. Am writing up a newsletter to let you all know what’s been going on and some of our plans for the next few weeks. So keep posted.

Thank you again and all my love


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