Mike Of Real World X Experiences At Christina’s 21st B-Day

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Included on Mike (Real World: Back To New York) website is his story and pictures from Christina Aguilera’s 21st birthday at the LA club, Deep. He writes:
Want to hear a really cool story? Here we go, so I’m in New York hosting the Chicago casting special and I get a phone call from Bunim/ Murray. They ask me “Do you know Christina Aguilera?” I’m like “Sort of, we hung out at the VMA’s for awhile, why?” Well, we just got a call from her and she invited you and Malik to her birthday party this Saturday. My mouth dropped; I didn’t know what to do.

So I did what everyone and their mother would do, I got on the Internet and looked for flights to LA, found a cheap ticket and bought it. As soon as I left New York, I went home for a day and left for LA. Then I was thinking, what do you get a girl that has everything. This was going to be a hard person to buy for; think about it, what would you get her? Of course, I’m asking everyone for ideas and none of them are striking me as good gifts. I want to make a good impression, have it be something she can use, take places, and basically have it be the perfect gift. I go to my friend’s friends house and ask him. He says “I have the perfect gift.” I’m like, yeah I’ve heard that before. He brings out this really cool chrome frame with a real four-leaf clover in it. He tells me “Everyone can use a little luck.” I couldn’t believe my eyes; I found her a cool gift. Think about it, he’s right, even Christina Aguilera can use a little luck plus it’s not tacky or cheap looking. I bought one and that’s what I gave her, pretty sweet right? Malik and I had plus one tickets so Malik took Coral and I took my friend whom lives in LA. We get to the party at Deep and as soon as we arrived Christina came up on a nice Harley followed by 10 other bad ass Harleys. Let’s put it this way; I couldn’t think of a better way to enter a 21st birthday party. You could hear them miles away. She walked right in with cameras all up in her grill. We walk in after her and find out that its an open bar, right then and there I knew this was going to be a good night. After getting through the crowd, we finally got to Christina, gave her our gifts, talked a bit, and started to have some fun. I didn’t want to be one of those people that were all around her the whole time. I figured she wanted to be with her close friends, so I went exploring the club. I met some pretty cool people. Her dancers were really cool. I saw Carmen Electra, didn’t get to talk to her because she was always talking to someone and I didn’t want to interrupt and be that guy. Christina got up on stage and blew out her candles; her one wish was for everyone to get F**ked up. I liked that wish. After the party one of her dancers told Coral to follow her to the after party. So we piled in and went for a drive. To bad we got lost, so after about an hour of following we decided to go home. We were passing out, it was like 5 and I had a 4 hour flight under my belt. The party was off the hook and if she ever reads this, I hope your 21st was all you wanted it to be. Thanks girl. :)


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  1. opa says:

    that is an awesome story!!! I can’t believe that you meet cristina aguilara and got her such a great gift!!

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