Miley Cyrus And Mandy Jiroux Say Go Green

Miley Cyrus confronts Mandy Jiroux about going green after she ordered hair spray and fur coats on the telephoneThe latest edition of ‘The Miley and Mandy Show’ features and her buddy Mandy Jiroux offering tips on going green, set to the ‘Hannah Montana’ star’s song ‘Wake Up America’. Between dancing to the tune, the pair suggest carpooling, saving and reusing plastic bottles, taking quick showers instead of baths, buying organic products with no harsh chemicals, and shopping online.

“Mandy, we need to talk,” Miley said after Mandy ordered a bunch of eco-unfriendly items over the telephone. “I know that you don’t want to hear it, especially coming from someone so young, but in the back seat dad may want to hear it, so come on, come on, come on, wake up America! Wake up Mandy. Mandy, there’s a better life on the other side. It’s called, where’s my going green paper?”

Miley Cyrus and Mandy Jiroux give viewers tips on how to go green and help out the environmentAfter discovering Mandy had ripped it up, Miley scolded, “Mandy, do you know what going green means? We don’t need the air conditioning, it’s not that hot… Mandy, I need to tell you a couple of ways to go green. I’m sure our Miley and Mandy Show viewers would love to learn how to go green.”

Critics might say the advice might be coming from the wrong source in Miley’s case, given that she flies around the country, attracts thousands to her concerts where they travel in cars to events, and consumes vastly more merchandise than the average person.

Watch the message via YouTube below.

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