Miley Cyrus Beefing With Katy Perry?

Miley Cyrus and Brandi get ready for Paris premiere

With in Paris, France for the French premiere of ‘Hannah Montana: The Movie’, the 16-year-old is reacting to messages at Katy Perry’s Twitter (@katyperry), asking “Who’s Meto Station?” (probably meaning the group fronted by Miley’s brother Trace, Metro Station) and saying “It’s fine, your prayers don’t count, Miley’s already on her knees.” Cyrus writes on her Twitter:

@katyperry 1. You know Trace and 2. What’s wrong with praying Jesus girl!

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3 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus Beefing With Katy Perry?

  1. Aylin says:

    Katy twittered
    @mileycyrus love you, we were just inebriated last night :) have fun in Europe.

  2. Deja says:

    Girl you know you having a wonder life. So do you like always hangout with Katy Perry? I like Katy Perry I think she is a very cool person. I think you are also. Bye Miley and Katy Perry hope y’all have fun!!!!

  3. lovey girle says:

    So cute I love you Miley end I love her sister too wow for you Miley

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