Miley Cyrus Brings Friend’s Dog For Lunch At Patys

was all smiles as she toted a puppy around in Toluca Lake on her way to have lunch at Patys Restaurant with her boyfriend Justin Gaston and her mother Tish on Friday (April 3). The ‘Hannah Montana’ star later clarified on her Twitter: “I did not get a new puppy!!! It was a friend’s.” Check out pictures from JustJared.

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2 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus Brings Friend’s Dog For Lunch At Patys

  1. Störungsquelle says:

    a dog friend is sometimes better then a human friend. mainly in Hollywood where you can’t trust anyone (or almost everyone)

  2. radz says:

    hiya I heart / love puppies and Miley Cyrus and you f**kin twurts are sickos that ruin celebrities life

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