Miley Cyrus Cigarette Smoking Scandal?

has landed herself in a cigarette smoking scandal, or at least a cropped photo of the ‘Hannah Montana’ star with her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth made people believe she was lighting up. Instead, it was a female friend out of the picture who was holding the cigarette. A video report from TMZ has since been removed.

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23 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus Cigarette Smoking Scandal?

  1. utech says:

    goes to show you how people can be fooled with camera angels/cropping. poor Miley Cyrus. she’ll probably start smoking though with all the peer pressure and stress, hope not

  2. lil meme says:

    omg I can’t believe it I was her biggest fan when every one called her slut and I didn’t believe but now its totally clear now I’m a hater bad role model I mean slutty one

  3. mi says:

    this is FAKE guys ¬¬ .

  4. mi says:

    look 00:33 That is not Miley’s hand holding the cigarette, its the person in front of her.You people are just trying to make money so stop it.

  5. Katie says:

    Guys she isn’t that bad of a girl I love her she is my role model

  6. Cheyenne says:

    so how can you explain Miley smoking Salvia from a bong, 5 days after her 18th birthday?

  7. tracey says:

    I love Miley Cyrus she’s my role model and so shut up that wasn’t even her get your facts straight. She’s a really good girl even if she was smoking who cares? LEAVE MILEY ALONE. Just because she was on Disney channel don’t mean she can’t do what she wants. Hannah Montana rocks=) Miley can do WHATEVER SHE WANTS.

  8. :( says:

    Are you crazy Tracey how can you like that little BITCH!!!!!!! she’s a fu** ugly slut with major issues. she’s a disappointment to her family and smoking bong what a shame Miley :(

  9. CheerleaderRawr says:

    WTF is wrong with you she not a role model anymore just because you love her does not mean she a role model

  10. CheerleaderRawr says:

    Her dad is an idiot like her she a fake she NOT AN ROLE MODEL AT ALL

  11. hallie says:

    Miley you are a really bad role model. Change your ways

  12. hallie says:

    Tracey you’ve got issues. All you care of is her croaky voice. Oh and check yourself before you wreck yourself you brat.

  13. hallie says:

    and utech or whatever you cool yourself. Miley is a smoker.get over it.oh and get a real utech fool

  14. fergie says:

    Hi lil meme I agree with. Miley is such a slut. And how can I contact you. You seem really cool

  15. kayla says:

    ok so what just because she’s on TV she can’t be a normal teen like for real get over yourselves I smoke cigarettes I smoke weed occasionally I fu** guys I mean you can’t judge someone just cause there on TV it doesn’t mean they can’t be normal teens too y’all are all haters and I bet half of you do the same thing she does and you judge her like you’d judge a fat girl I mean just because a girls fat doesn’t mean she can’t eat the same foods as a skinny girl or wear a sexy out fit y’all are all fu**in bitches and I hope karma gets back at all of y’all and y’all see how much people hurt from all of y’alls bullsh** if y’all don’t like her don’t talk about her keep your mouth shut and just leave her fans alone that is there opinions so shut your damn mouths and I’m with all of y’all that still love her I mean ya she’s not the best role model but she’s only 18 don’t put that kind of pressure on her she’s makes mistakes so do all of us we are only human shell right herself again and shell be the best role model anyone’s ever seen so don’t talk crap about someone you don’t really know by the way if you cuss me out because of this that just means I know I’m right
    love kayla

  16. kayla says:

    btw y’all need to stop being rude to each other that is Katie’s and Tracie’s opinion stop cussing them out for being a fan of Miley Cyrus and stop being hypocrites

  17. mahdi says:

    Listen guys!! even if we saw Miley smoking it doesn’t mean that she is a slut !! there is a personal life behind her pop star life and she can’t do what she want to do specially that she is over 18 !! I really love her I love her music !!! she is amazing !! so stop criticizing those photos and videos, may be they are fake who knows!!!

  18. kayla says:

    Most of them are fake so I’m glad y’all haven’t wrote back on here so I know I’m right

  19. kayla says:

    very mature that just shows how old you r I thought all 10 year olds were fans of Miley Cyrus

  20. suri says:

    The nails on that hand are natural, and Miley once revealed on the Tyra Show that she bites her nails, which is also visible on her show. Very short nails.

  21. BS says:

    you all need a life lol this is dumb hehe haha hohohoho that’s what I say just move on whoopee what would the world do without Miley
    OMG this is terrible SHUT UP!! lol you all have no life

  22. kayla says:

    ok so what if she smokes she’s 18 she can do what she wants

  23. yvomit says:

    man bunch of hypocrites that isn’t even a scandal! if the girls wants to smoke she can smoke and if she doesn’t,… the better for her health

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