Miley Cyrus Gets Minxed Down Under

Miley Cyrus Minxed fingernails

checked in with her Twitter followers (@MileyCyrus) on Saturday (June 25), talking about enjoying her time in Australia on her Gypsy Heart Tour. The 18-year-old expressed an interest in collaborating with rapper Wiz Khalifa and showed off some “Minxed” fingernails. She also made reference to her on-stage “Oh my God” moment when a fan snuck up from behind in Melbourne. Miley writes:

sitting around doing henna w @Vijphoto =] listening to Wiz Khalifa! #duetasap

Life is SO good. Waking up in Sydney, getting a mani pedi with my bestie & talking on the phone for 1 hour with the sweetest boy in the world =]

Just been Minxed Zoe Vokis =] LOVE!

@Vijphoto My reaction to EVERYTHING you say is very similar to the one I have when a fan jumps on my back. #OHMYGOD

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