Miley Cyrus Has Been Smoking For A Long Time

has been photographed smoking, and the singer/actress apparently isn’t new to the bad habit. “Miley has been smoking for a long time,” a source close tells E! Online. “She does it a lot socially and when she is out with friends.”

Miley’s brother Trace is also a smoker, but the former Metro Station member has been seen lately going the smokeless route using electronic cigarettes.

Among the reactions sent to the 18-year-old on her Twitter (@mileycrus):

NoieEmsLove: Don’t hate on @MileyCyrus because of pictures of her smoking. If you are a TRUE Smiler you love her for her & her music, not her actions! WE LOVE YOU

AlyssaBorges7: @MileyCyrus Please stop smoking! I hate when my family members do it & I hate seeing you do it. There’s nothing good about smoking!!

The_Real_Amy_: @Mileycyrus please stop smoking :( my mom smokes and I hate it please don’t ruin your health over something so dumb :'(

DynamiteMiley: I love it when @MileyCyrus isn’t a good girl. Drugs, sexy pictures, swearing.. but smoking? I’m not liking that, as it’s sure to kill her sooner.

BRneedsMiles: @mileycyrus Your fans will always support you, but we never will support you SMOKING, you are gonna kill yourself, we love you so much Miles, STOP

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2 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus Has Been Smoking For A Long Time

  1. rdyiwhd says:

    Miley needs to stop smoking. She has been my idol for so long. I hate seeing people smoke but I would have never imagined you to smoke miley. Please please please stop.

  2. Ceriese Jenkins Palmer says:

    Hey again,

    Let me make it final and clear okay Mandy sweet :)
    Were only trying to help your dearest bff and if you guys are seeing each other can you please warn her because lately she’s been screwing her life, were her true fans that’s why we care that’s why I’m wasting my time writing this just to help Miley.
    But if your not going bother trying to help, than all these lovely people are wasting time basically.
    All I’m saying WARN Miley Cyrus she doesn’t know what she is doing TRUST ME!! Your our only hope, we don’t want her going on weed again and risking her life into many LIFE THREATENING DISEASES! That could cause so much chaos for the Cyrus family.
    Now or never take it or leave it,
    Fingers crossed xx
    Don’t let us down.


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