Miley Cyrus’ Head Shaving Scare

updated fans on her Twitter earlier today, talking about a Britney Spears-esque dream and some annoyances. The ‘Hannah Montana’ star writes:

Had a dream I was at summer camp and cut all my hair off! I was in the middle of nowhere so my stylist couldn’t get to me! I woke up in tears

yeah but that worst part was I had to perform at a Lakers game the next day!!! :( I’m so dramatic! haha but it was scary

I just got a pop up saying “are you duimb take the quiz to find out” with a picture of me beside it! wooooowww.

There is so invisible tag like thing in the back of my shirt that is so friggen itchy and I keep cutting things off and it keeps itching!

bored out of my ever lovin mind!

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