Miley Cyrus Homesick On ‘The Last Song’ Set

Miley Cyrus homesick on 'The Last Song' set

checked in with fans on her Twitter on Monday (June 8) from the set of her new movie ‘The Last Song’, fealing homesick in Savannah, Georgia. The 16-year-old writes:

Trying to smile through a gloomy day in Savannah.

This is how I know everything will be okay. The LORD has brought me hope, and I am not alone. I always have my guardian angel

Life will go on. You will smile again… we will smile again.

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2 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus Homesick On ‘The Last Song’ Set

  1. mauri says:

    Hi what’s good Miley. Damn I love the way you act very funny its great love it just fantastic lol well hopefully you get to come around Miami one of these days I would just love to talk to you alright. Write back one love

  2. just a friend says:

    I just know that to succeed as
    I told you sometimes
    miley I love you woman
    I’m not a lesbian but you are what you jajaja
    always wanted to be …
    I love you

    your friend

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