Miley Cyrus: I Am NOT Getting Married To Justin Gaston

was in the studio with Ryan Seacrest of KIIS FM in Los Angeles on Thursday (April 2), promoting the new ‘Hannah Montana: The Movie’ soundtrack. The 16-year-old talked about tanning, the studio stench, her movie boyfriend Lucas Till, Ryan’s insecurity about abs and his “really bad” driver’s license picture, wanting to be a “soccer mom/Posh Spice” in ten years, and her thoughts on boyfriend Justin Gaston. “I love him, he is a very good man,” Cyrus said. “He’s older but he is so nice, he’s a gentlemen and he’s a good Christian boy.”

The interview audio at has since been removed..

Among Miley’s Seacrest related Twitter posts, notably a comment that she’d marry Justin “if he gets a pretty ring”:

Ryan Seacrest is scaring me!!! HELP!

Ryan is wayyyy creeeppyyyy!

I am NOT kiddddnggg!

I am NOT getting married! I’m 16 and super focused on my career and just livinnggg life! I was kidding on Seacrest!!!! Ha-ha! A joke!

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One thought on “Miley Cyrus: I Am NOT Getting Married To Justin Gaston

  1. alexandragreek says:

    its okai Miley we believe you!ppl just take celebs. more seciously than others…pce out <3

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