Miley Cyrus & Jamal Sims Teach The Hoedown Throwdown

Miley Cyrus and Jamal Sims teach viewers how to do the Hoedown Throwdown breaks down her latest routine Hoedown Throwdown from her new movie ‘Hannah Montana The Movie’ in a video clip at Hollywood Records’ YouTube channel.

Cyrus is joined by Jamal Sims in the instructional video, teaching viewers the “pop it”, “lock it”, “polka dot it”, “countrify it”, “hip-hop it”, “hawk in the sky”, “side to side”, “jump to the left”, “stick it & glide”, “zig-zag touch”, “across the floor”, “shuffle in diagonal”, “hit the drum”, 180 degree twist”, another “zig-zag touch”, “lean it left”, “clap 3 times”, “shake it out”, and wrapping up with “throw it all together”.

The soundtrack is available March 24th, while the movie hits theaters April 10th. Watch the video below.

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