Miley Cyrus Misses You

Miley Cyrus smiles

updated fans on her Twitter on Monday (June 15), talking about missing someone while in Georgia filming ‘The Last Song’. The 16-year-old writes:

I can’t sleep….. I miss you… yes YOU. Not the “you” that you think I “love” but YOU….

The one who sing’s to me Dave Barnes while I put on make-up that you think I DON’T I need. YES, YOU.

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3 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus Misses You

  1. ga31410 says:

    Hey Miley,
    Be careful in the ocean there! People (mostly tourist) die every year drowning from the riptide at Tybee Island!
    Come and hang out at our newly build patio at Whitemarsh Island and play with our 5 & 3 weeks old kittens!
    Last but not least, go and feed some baby alligator and have lunch at the same time by the infamous crab shack! Call me if you do! : )
    Peace out

  2. lovniley says:

    I think I know who she talking about.. I think its NICK JONAS..duh??

  3. skylor jernigan says:

    She could be saying that to Nick. but at the same time maybe she’s not.

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