Miley Cyrus On Britney Spears & Lindsay Lohan Comparisons

Miley Cyrus was in Germany on a promotional tour for her new album ‘Breakout’, where the ‘Hannah Montana’ star was asked during a press conference for her thoughts on being compared to and Lindsay Lohan. The 15-year-old responded, “Um, I think they are both really talented and, I don’t know about around here, but at the Video Music Awards and everything, Britney Spears has been taking all the awards home and has really had quite a comeback. So, I just think that they are super successful and hopefully when I am compared to them, it’s them by career-wise because they have all been super successful and had amazing careers and they are both really talented.”

Video of the response at Splash has since been removed.

Additionally, Cyrus performed a show at the Goya Club in Berlin on Monday night, with fan filmed highlight clips from the show available at YouTube.

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