Miley Cyrus On Inspirations, London & Tyra

Miley Cyrus interviewed by fan for MySpace Scene Junkie in the UKDisney Boy Aaron Moorhouse got the chance of a lifetime to interview for MySpace Scene Junkie on her way to a TV appearance during her recent visit to the UK.

The ‘Hannah Montana’ star talked about being inspired by her father and Hilary Duff, why she and Mandy started their YouTube channel, how she’s looking for a flat in London, liking ‘7 Things’ and ‘Fly On The Wall’ best from her new album, the most famous person on her phone – Tyra Banks, being called the of tweens by Russell Brand, and hoping to still be making music and movies ten years from now.

On inspirations:

Mostly my dad, but for someone besides that I think I would look at someone like Hilary Duff, someone that’s on the same path as me. Not necessarily the same style, we kind of have different styles and things, but just the way she grew up around Disney Channel.

On England:

I love London. I was looking at all the apartments, and flats, you guys call them flats. I was looking all of those and I was like oh my god, I want one of those. They’re so cute, so me and my sister were already trying to move here. Like we love it so much. I would love to go to college here or something. I really love it.

Watch the interview below.

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