Miley Cyrus Overdosing On McDonald’s

checked in with fans on her Twitter page earlier tonight, talking about her secret ‘The Last Song’ co-star and offering a backhanded endorsement of McDonald’s. The ‘Hannah Montana’ star writes:

I’ve had McDonald’s 4 days in row! Should I break the routine???

Hanging out with my new favorite super star!!! (my co-star in my new movie ‘Last Song’!!!)

1. I can’t give away who he is but he is gonna be the next biiiggg thing, 2 the movie is called ‘The Last Song’ by Nicholas Sparks (‘Notebook’ and ‘A Walk To Remember’) and 3. I’ve seen ‘Super Size Me’ (movie about McDonald’s) but I still can’t resist a McFlurry and fries oh and 4. I love u!!

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One thought on “Miley Cyrus Overdosing On McDonald’s

  1. x says:

    Why do they put that here? I can just log into Twitter.

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