Miley Cyrus: Sensai Face Wash Has Stopped My Horrible Acne

Miley Cyrus in a tank top

gushed about a skincare product she uses to treat her acne in several postings at Twitter earlier tonight. The ‘Hannah Montana’ star tells readers:

Sensai face wash has changed my life :) I just washed my face and SMILED! That is a miracle.

@pink_cashmere seriously it is the most amazing thing! I have no reason to say this except to give hope!

@manu124 I use her moisturizer! It’s amazing but the Sensai face wash step 1 and 2 has CHANGED my life. :( bad skin is so hard

@lexiosborne please try it! I had ACNE for 3 years. So bad my make up artist didn’t know what to do! It changed my skin! :)

@Maellee a beauty product can change your life! Having acne is miserable :( you feel so insecure. :( I am so happy to have found Sensai.

@indieleigh Baby I know how you feel! I had horrible acne for 3 years. I cried everyday it changed my life I will post a link.

It’s made by Kanebo and I use the Silky Purify line. Step 1 and 2

@mileyfan_14 Sensai is made by Kanebo! Check it out! It’s so great! :) my skins not just clear but healthy and soft!!

@ohmartin123 I am not paid to mention them. I was so embarrassed of my skin I didn’t wanna leave the house for 3 years. I want to give hope.

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12 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus: Sensai Face Wash Has Stopped My Horrible Acne

  1. blabla says:

    Is she advertising Sensai products? I think so..

  2. kate says:

    Where can you buy it?

  3. Sydney says:

    I hate acne. Where can you get it?

  4. hank says:

    not sure where to buy it, but I’m sure the price tag isn’t a problem for Miley Cyrus

  5. Nick says:

    Why don’t you guys try Amazon for this product?

  6. realselly says:

    hey guys I have Skype selly_marie and I’m really Selena Gomez

  7. tay says:

    You can buy it online at Neiman Marcus or Bergdorf Goodman! it is a little bit pricey though. but it works according to Miley!

  8. ariel says:

    why doesn’t she share about a skin product everyone can accually use

  9. ariel says:

    The price is 100 dollars and will last what 2 months maybe. why isn’t she realistic about the price normal people would spend on face wash like 8 dollars

  10. Ashleigh says:

    Um yeah it may be a bit pricey but um I don’t know what kind of person spends $8 on face wash just have horrible skin honestly Proactive and Clean and Clear and even some Neutrogena products are only a little bit less expensive than this…:)

  11. Clarissa says:

    I’ve been using Sensai for a year now and its amazing. my acne is gone and I love it! The price is totally worth it.

  12. seidy says:

    try or :)

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