Miley Cyrus “Sooo Nervous” Ahead Of MTV Movie Awards

'Hannah Montana 3' star Miley Cyrus

is busy on Twitter today, talking about Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards, her brother Trace on tour with in Japan, and a member of her family not on the micro blogging site, Tish. The ‘Hannah Montana’ star writes:

please vote for me for the MTV Movie Awards!!! I’m so nervous! Ah

@tracecyrus I miss you so much! You seem to love Tokyo, glad your having fun! I love you xoxoxox

@tracecyrus please don’t fall in love with Tokyo and never come home :(

@tracecyrus is there a rocking Hello Kitty store? Don’t be shy to by your favorite sister a lil sum sum ;)

@mom oh wait she doesn’t have a twitter cause she’s lame :)

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One thought on “Miley Cyrus “Sooo Nervous” Ahead Of MTV Movie Awards

  1. cassiidy says:

    Gosh I hope Miley Cyrus doesn’t win.
    is that really mean?
    lol, sorry but if she does then I’m sure she’ll cry those little eyes out and say tweet for hours saying THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!
    ha ha.

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