Miley Cyrus Talks With Robin Roberts Of ‘GMA’

Robin Roberts of ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’ interviewed in a segment aired Tuesday (July 22), where the teen discussed her just released album ‘Breakout’, and how its her first CD not under the ‘Hannah Montana’ umbrella and the new ‘Hannah Montana’ movie. Asked how it is being Miley Cyrus, she said, “It’s weird, because I feel very normal but then when I go out and about then I’m not in this normal life. It’s not a normal world. Sometimes when I want to go to the mall, thinking I’m totally gonna be find, it’s okay, but I’m not a normal teenager… I don’t think I can go back to a normal life, I think it would be too hard.” The interview video at has since been removed.

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  1. john powell says:

    myley I am your biggest fan call or text I love you r show Hannah Montana or you can come see me

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